IGN Sci-Fi 'Drive' Review

By Christian
October 23, 2000 - 11:18 PM

Over at IGN Sci-Fi, Jason Bates has put up his review of 'Drive', the third Voyager episode of the season. Though he liked the episode, Bates also though the episode's plot was a bit contrived, writing about how he though the writers came up with it:

"Okay, Tom's involved in his pursuits, ignoring B'Ellana. So she tries to get involved in them."
"Well what does he like?"
"He's a pilot, how about a race?"
"Okay, but why is there a race in deep space?"
"Oh I don't know, some aliens decide to race instead of have a war."
"Hey great idea! But what kind of crisis can we have in a silly race, after all there is no inherent drama in a sporting event itself!"
"How about some aliens want to break the peace so they try to sneak a bomb in there."
"Okily Dokily."

Still, Bates liked the episode, awarding it a rating of 4 out of 5. Read why by following this link.

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