Cast Praised In 'Enterprise' Pilot Reviews

By Caillan
September 23, 2001 - 8:22 AM

The latest online 'Broken Bow' reviews continue the trend of positive reaction towards the new series, in particular highlighting the performances of the main cast members.

Entertainment Weekly's Steve Daly awarded the Enterprise pilot a B plus, stating that it "gives the Trek' franchise a good, much-needed jolt. The tone of the series is set neither by sci-fi pie-in-the-sky fantasy nor by slavish adherence to Star Trek mythology, but by [Scott] Bakula's fine, easygoing yet tough demeanor as Capt. Jonathan Archer."

Although Daly labelled Jolene Blalock's T'Pol the series's "designated sex symbol," he commended the actress's performance. "Unlike some performers who've applied the Vulcan makeup, Blalock doesn't just let her pointy ears do the acting," he wrote. "She has a slyness running beneath her Vulcan glare that will probably stand her in good stead aboard the Enterprise NX-01."

The review noted that Dr. Phlox, played by John Billingsley, could be a 'love him or hate him' character. "I can see where Phlox's clipped diction and imperiously sunny attitude (his chirpy envoi, "Optimism, Captain!" already sounds like a catchphrase in the making) may get on some fans' nerves," Daly wrote. "Me, I think the guy's a clever little devil."

Billingsley was also singled out by 'Roj Blake' in a review posted at Ain't It Cool News. "In particular, Dr. Phlox was the standout for me," he wrote. "He didnít have a whole lot of screen time, but made very good use of what he did have."

"Chief Engineer Charlie 'Trip' Tucker makes a worthwhile impression, with probably the third most amount of screen time, after Blalock and Bakula," the review continued. "Yes, Bakula. What can I say? It's Scott Bakula. He does exactly what you'd expect. If you've watched a handful of Quantum Leap's, you know what this guy is going to deliver Ė no more, no less."

Also at AICN, 'Viacom Girl' was on hand to give her thoughts on the pilot. Although she said that the final half-hour of the episode was "convoluted," once again, the cast were the main talking-point. "The best thing Enterprise has going for it is the cast," she wrote. "These actors spark, are often funny and have actual chemistry - but most of the praise should be heaped upon Scott Bakula, who commands both the ship and show as a true star should. Everyone will like Scott Bakula in this, including those who may not have liked him before."

For Daly's review, head over to Entertainment Weekly, while the AICN reactions can be found here.

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