'Enterprise' Coverage Roundup

By Caillan
September 23, 2001 - 8:18 AM

With 'Broken Bow' only a few short days away, here's a roundup of the latest Enterprise media coverage:

    'Enterprise' promo photo - courtesy Bakula News, copyright TV Guide/Paramount Pictures

  • The Kansas City edition of TV Guide featured a full-page poster promoting Enterprise, as well as a short write-up on the series in the Editor's Choice section. "Enterprise follows the adventures of Earth's first warp-driven starship commanded by Bakula's willful Captain Jonathan Archer," the review said. "Sharp dialogue and sly touches of continuity spark the explosive premiere." A larger version of the poster at the right can be found here at Bakula News.

  • WireImage has posted 26 photos from Thursday night's Enterprise premiere screening, featuring all the main cast as well as other Trek celebrities. The photos are available here.

  • The Toronto Star has posted an article on the new series, with comments from Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) and creators Rick Berman and Brannon Braga taken from the UPN press launch.

  • An editoral looking at Enterprise and the future of Trek has been posted at the Christian Science Monitor.

  • A Reuters article looking at this Fall's new series mentions Enterprise in its prequel section. "These guys are like space cowboys," TV Guide's Matt Roush told the news agency. "It's probably more like a Western than Gene Roddenberry once envisioned space to be."

  • In an Ultimate TV/E-Poll asking viewers which new television series they were planning on watching this fall, Enterprise came in second with 42.3%. UPN had the 5th most promising line-up, only beating out the WB and PAX. Further details can be found in this Mediaweek article.

  • UPN's website has posted the most recent Enterprise promos on its website in both Quicktime and Windows Media formats. These include a previously unavailable 10-second promo, entitled 'Lyric,' although it does not include any new footage. The trailers can be accessed via UPN's Enterprise site.

Thanks to Miri, Janey, Bakula News and the Great Link for some of these!

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