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Gaming Bullets

By Amy
September 23, 2000 - 3:07 PM

    The first set of editing tools for 'Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force' have been released by Raven's James Monroe. Currently availible for download are the MD3 viewer and ShaderEd, Icarus scripting tool BehavEd, and the collection of original script sources from the game (which remain Copyright Raven Software) while their version of the QERadiant editor should be online later.

  • Scott Nelson at Well Rounded Entertainment has reviewed 'Star Trek New Worlds'. Overall, he was very disappointed with the game, saying: Real-time strategy games usually come in two flavors: great and OK. Great ones can be played over and over again, and OK titles are worth playing through if you like the genre, but you'll probably dump it at the next garage sale afterwards. Star Trek: New Worlds brings a third kind, which is demand a refund. For a game to promise so much and provide just enough to entice before frustrating the player is simply cruel."

  • has added a review of 'Elite Force', with a score of 82, though the reviewer Jake made his dislike of Voyager very clear and seemed to think the game would have been a lot better without the "entire Voyager silliness".

  • Head to Head has also posted a review of Elite Force, those the two reviewers, Tristinian and Sephiroth seemed quite a bit more positive than the above reviewer (though that really wouldn't be hard). Tristinian's final mark was 85%, saying "The game is among the elite in FPSs this year-just don't expect something mindblowing" while Sephiroth gave it 90%, his final comments being "Quake 3 and UT in the perfect union-a Star Trek World!

Thanks go out to Blues News for some of these!

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