Steven Dennis To Play Andorian In 'Enterprise'?

By Caillan
August 23, 2001 - 1:07 PM

Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun) isn't likely to be the only Star Trek guest actor reincarnated as an Andorian in Enterprise, as four-time Voyager guest star Steven Dennis is also rumoured to have secured a role as a member of the alien species.

According to a report at TV Tome, Dennis is set to appear as an Andorian called Tholos in Enterprise's fifth episode. As previously reported, Combs will also play an Andorian in the same episode, although no further details are currently known about either character.

Dennis had minor guest roles in four episodes during Voyager's run. Debuting with the physical role of the Night alien in 'Night,' he then returned to play Fennim in 'Think Tank,' an alien in 'Warhead' and a member of Captain Ransom's crew in 'Equinox.'

Described as "violent, passionate people," the blue-skinned Andorians first appeared in The Original Series episode 'Journey To Babel.' Although Enterprise is set before the founding of the Federation, the Andorians have been estaliblished as an eventual member race.

Please bear in mind that this has not yet been officially confirmed by Paramount and until then should be treated as you would any rumour. The original article can be found here at TV Tome. Thanks to Adam Walker for this!

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