Trek XI May Film In Australia, Involve Braga

By Michelle
July 23, 2005 - 2:56 PM

Will Star Trek XI film in Australia? That's the latest rumour about the potential movie, still in the very early stages of pre-production.

According to the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine (courtesy TrekWeb), the Premier of South Australia, Mike Rann, suggested at the Australian Star Trek convention Terra Nova that the next Trek feature film might film there.

"Mr. Rann had been with Paramount Pictures executives at a dinner in Adelaide the day before our convention," said Australian fan club president Stuart Blair. While discussing the upcoming film Princess of Mars, Paramount executives reportedly stated that they were considering filming a Star Trek movie in Australia.

Another fan, Carol Dale, said that Rann revealed that the movie would be set in the immediate future in 2010, "a time when the Earth has been almost destroyed by nuclear war, when our saviours from the future arrive." She said that the storyline, which would span two motion pictures, would involve Spock and possibly other Star Trek characters from shows set further in the future.

Meanwhile, Cinescape has quoted executive producer Brannon Braga as well as Rick Berman about the film's development, suggesting that he may still have a role within the Star Trek franchise despite his role on new series Threshold for CBS. Citing the Star Trek Communicator, Cinescape said that "the two creators want the next Star Trek feature to be a prequel film set before the adventures of Kirk and company in the original series." Their idea is not to focus on the Enterprise era but "Berman and Braga...claim that their movie idea doesn't involve Enterprise in any way", focusing instead of the Romulan Wars.

"One thing that hasn't been mentioned is whether a new TREK movie would reunite any of the previous cast members from the earlier films or television series, or if an entirely new cast of space travellers would be hired," noted Cinescape.

Please note that all information about the eleventh Star Trek feature film is entirely rumour at this point, and should be presumed to be preliminary until Paramount makes an official announcement about the movie.

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