'Enterprise' Ratings In The Spotlight At Press Tour

By Caillan
July 23, 2003 - 10:39 AM

Enterprise was one of the hot topics at UPN's portion of the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday, with reporters asking questions about the show's ratings decline last season.

CBS chairman Les Moonves, who also oversees UPN, was asked whether he had contemplated cancelling the fifth Trek series at the end of its second season, according to a report by Michael Ausiello at TV Guide. "I don't think we were close to it," he said, "[but] everything is talked about."

Later in the day UPN unveiled its Enterprise panel, consisting of executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, as well as actors Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer), Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) and Connor Trinneer ('Trip' Tucker). The topic of the show's ailing ratings came up once again. "I don't think creatively we were doing anything wrong," Braga said.

This season, with the new alien threat, the Xindi, coming to the forefront, Enterprise will be "more action oriented, faster-paced", Braga told the gathered media. Sexier too, according to fellow executive producer Rick Berman. "T'Pol is going to start experimenting with her emotions. It's going to provide us with some fun and possibly sexy stuff," he said.

Read more about UPN at the Television Critics Association press tour at TV Guide.

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