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Trek X Main Character Developments

By Christian
July 23, 2001 - 8:30 PM

When 'Star Trek X: Nemesis' is released next year, it will be nearly four years since the crew of the Enterprise-E was last seen in action. In the film, the progress of time will also be visible, with many of the characters undergoing major changes.

In April, 'Star Trek X' screenwriter John Logan already said that he intended to give all the Enterprise crewmembers something to do. "We have our gang of seven, and that's my priority," he told Kevin Dilmore at the Star Trek Communicator. "I have to make sure that everyone gets moments of his or her own. I'd love to work in smaller characters, but if I have the choice of giving a good line to Barclay or to Geordi, I'm going to stick with the main crew. I have to justify my choices very carefully."

In addition, Logan indicated that he wanted the characters to go through substantial changes. "One of the smartest things they did in Star Trek II, my favourite of the movies, was to give Captain Kirk glasses. It acknowledges the passage of time, and that these characters change over time, and their relationships with each other change. These characters have ongoing lives on the ship, and we want to reflect that in 'Star Trek X.' We want to react to what has gone on in other shows. I hope people will see advancements in a lot of relationships among the characters."

According to longtime source 'Faith', Logan indeed intends to honour these promises with 'Star Trek: Nemesis,' as the film's script incorporates at least one major change for each of the characters. Moreover, at the end of the film, the dynamics of the Enterprise crew are changed substantially, as more than half the group depart from their respective positions as Enterprise crewmembers. Below you will find information on many of the major characters arcs in Trek X:

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Similar to Admiral Kirk in 'Star Trek II' and beyond, a major theme for Picard in 'Nemesis' will be aging. An example of this is a scene set in the new Ten Forward (sans Guinan), where Picard and Data drink glasses of 23rd Century Irish whiskey, and Picard admits to being "an old fart."

    Because of this acknowledgement, Picard is able to take great pleasure in driving a Starfleet Jeep on Kolarin-III, the planet where B-9 is hidden. The Jeep, mounted with a rear-facing phaser cannon, is transported in the Argo, a new version of the standard shuttlecraft that able to carry land-based vehicles. While Picard greatly enjoys the ride, his away team members are somewhat less enthused with what the script describes as his "free-spirited driving panache."

    At the end of film, Picard's age is clearly shown when the replacement officers for the departing Enterprise crew arrive, including his new first officer Commander Martin Madden. To Picard, this crew all seem very young - "fresh-faced kids... a new generation to teach and nurture."

  • William T. Riker - At the start of the film, Riker and Troi are finally married, with Picard serving as the best man. The film does not show the wedding ceremony, but instead opens with the reception, attended by all the Enterprise crewmembers. Some of these also take part in a performance, with Data singing an Irving Berlin song, and Riker who (with Troi's approval) jumps onstage to join Data with his playing of the trombone.

    The audience is also told by Picard about Riker's bachelor party, which included three Andorians, two Tellerites and a Gorn. In addition, it "included an embarrassing quantity of Romulan ale and, subsequently, Commander Worf's rousing rendition of the love aria from that old Klingon favorite 'Kahless and Morath on the Bloody Plains of Honor.'"

    At the end of the film, Riker finally says goodbye to the fourteen years he spent as Picard's "Number One," and accepts command of the U.S.S. Titan.

  • Worf - During the wedding reception, Worf tells Crusher about his past stint as a Federation Ambassador, commenting that he "was not suited for the life of a... diplomat." Riker later tells Worf of the three-week honeymoon, where he and Troi plan to sail on the Opal Sea in an old-fashioned solar catamaran. Worf responds that Klingon honeymoons begin with the Kholamar desert march, followed (for those couples that survive) by a journey to the Fire Caves of Fek'lhr to face the demons of Gre'thor.

    Worf's hatred of the Romulans is once again demonstrated when he refers to his parents' massacre at Khitomer, and that Romulans are "animals" fit only to be killed. However, after seeing two Romulan ships sacrifice themselves to battle Shinzon's Scimitar, he notes that they fought with honour, and even thanks a Romulan doctor after receiving medical attention. Crusher, meanwhile, notes that Worf was saved from a phaser shot literally "by [his] thick head."

    At the end of the film, Worf is one of the few original officers to remain with Picard aboard the Enterprise.

  • Deanna Troi - When Riker protests Picard's decision to join Data and Worf in the away team to recover B-9, Picard leaves command of the bridge to Troi as a joke (she is fourth in the chain-of-command after Picard, Riker, and Data). Later on, before Riker departs from the Enterprise, Picard advises him that "When your first officer insists that you can't go on away missions... ignore him."

    Shinzon's second-in command is the Reman Viceroy, who has telepathic abilities. He communicates with Troi in two scenes in a manner that she later describes as "a violation." However, she later realises that the telepathic communication is a two-way street, and uses it to her advantage to locate the cloaked Scimitar.

    After the Scimitar manages to destroy part of the forward bridge, the viewscreen is completely destroyed. Before an emergency forcefield is sprung into position, Helms Officer Bransen is sucked into space. It is at this point that Troi takes the helm and pilots the Enterprise.

    At the end of the film, Troi joins her new husband Riker aboard the U.S.S. Titan.

  • Beverly Crusher - At the end of the film, Crusher leaves the Enterprise to take a position at Starfleet Medical. She tells Picard via subspace communication that "I'll save the last dance for you."

  • Geordi La Forge - La Forge's girlfriend, present at the reception, is none other than Dr. Leah Brahms. While there, he asks her about the possibility of marriage. At the end of the film, La Forge remains aboard the Enterprise.

  • Kathryn Janeway - Janeway's cameo appearance comes in the form of three subspace communications from Starfleet Command. Faith noted that she may have read an older version of the script, as the recent extensive Ain't It Cool News script review mentioned only two scenes.

    Janeway contacts Picard because she's apparently been promoted to the rank of Admiral since 'Endgame.' She serves as the liaison between him and Starfleet, and offers him advice on a number of issues. The script notes that the rank fits her well and Janeway has lost none of her "dry humour" and "down-to-earth charm."

'Star Trek: Nemesis' is currently in pre-production, yet much information about the film has already appeared online. Two weeks ago, movie site Ain't It Cool News posted a full synopsis of the film, while one week ago, adescription of the character arcs of Shinzon, B-9 and Data appeared online.

Thanks go out to 'Faith' for this! As usual, please be aware that Paramount has released no information on the film's plot yet, and until that happens, all information from unofficial sources should be treated as you would any rumour.

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