Burton: Fans Want More 'Next Generation'

By T'Bonz
June 23, 2008 - 10:28 PM

LeVar Burton thinks that there is still life in Star Trek: The Next Generation and hopes that the new original series movie will spark an interest in a TNG-era movie.

As reported by TrekMovie.com, Burton feels that fans would support a TNG movie. "At the end of the day Iím pretty certain that a lot of the fan base would like to see the Next Generation cast do one more turn around the galaxy," said Burton, "and I guess the performance of this next movie [Star Trek XI] will have a lot to do with whether that comes to pass. It will make people see whether thereís an appetite for Star Trek again."

Although Burton praises J.J. Abrams, saying that he "is a really talented guy," the former TNG star is not as sure of his emotions regarding Abrams's Star Trek XI. "I have really mixed emotions," he said. "I havenít quite decided how I feel about this new picture. My life is going to go on and Star Trek will always be an important part of it. Whether we do another movie or not is not in my control."

Whether or not a new The Next Generation movie ever happens, Burton has fond memories of his Next Generation days. "I have lasting friendships and memories from the seven years I spent on the show," he said. "And thatís better than the price of latinum."

To read more, head to the article located here. The interview can be found in Star Trek Magazine.

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