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'Trek X' Trailer Debuts At Convention

By Lisa
June 23, 2002 - 6:16 PM

The teaser trailer for 'Star Trek: Nemesis' was shown to members of the public for the first time yesterday.

The trailer was shown to attendees at the Starbase 21 Trek Expo in Tulsa Oklahoma. Lasting just over one and a half minutes, the trailer was the first chance to see official footage from the movie.

Regular source Faith sent along a scene-by-scene breakdown of the trailer. Her comments and narrative are included below:

The Nemesis trailer has a very ominous tone to it, with completely new footage, new special effects, and no recycled footage or music. It's what the Star Trek franchise has desperately needed to do for many years now to help revitalize the franchise, and hopefully it will lead to some renewed interest by the casual filmgoer, particularly during the very crowded November and December release schedule. It runs approximately one minute and 34 seconds. A description of the trailler now follows.

It starts with the obligatory green screen with the words "The following preview has been approved for all audiences by the Motion Picture Association of America."

Cut to black.

Fade in the Paramount 90th Anniversary logo, where the ominous music begins.

Fade to black. Voiceover by Reman Viceroy: "In darkness, there is strength."

Cut to overhead shot of a circular Romulan city sitting by the water.

Fade in to a downward pan of a large underground metallic shaft on Remus, with a small vehicle flying downwards beside the shaft.

Fade in to the Enterprise-E flying into frame, towards Kolarus III (the planet where B-9 is discovered). There is a bright blue nebula in the background. The familiar shape of the Enterprise along with the words "Enterprise" on the rear of the ship is the first indication that this is a Star Trek movie trailer.

Voiceover by Picard: "It seems as though we are truly sailing into the unknown."

Fade in to an animated Okudagram, with five out of six ships highlighted.

Cut to the Argo exiting the Enterprise's main shuttlebay, fins folding downward from its body, heading towards Kolarus III.

Cut to Worf advising Picard: "I recommend extreme caution."

Cut to overhead shot of ten or more Reman mining facilities, with a bright moon (don't think it's Romulus) in the background. It's probably an establishing shot before the aforementioned pan of the underground metallic shaft.

Cut to black.

Fade in Data standing next to B-9 (wearing a yellow jumpsuit), about to activate a switch on B-9's neck.

Cut to close-up of Data activating B-9's switch.

Cut to B-9's eye twitching and moving upon activation.

Voiceover by Data: "Fascinating."

Cut to Data walking directing in front of B-9.

Cut to black.

Fade in from black on Riker, Data (holding tricorder), Picard, Worf, and Troi approaching a room that features a large circular window (similar the one in the Emperor's Throne Room in Return of the Jedi except this one's larger) with a series of stairs in front of it.

Cut to Viceroy walking from darkness towards the window.

Cut to Shinzon approaching the window from the opposite end.

Fade to black.

Cut to Shinzon's ship, the Scimitar, cloaking in space. It's a great effects shot, and it's certainly formidable.

Voiceover by Shinzon: "The time we have dreamed of is at hand."

Cut to black.

Fade in Shinzon walking across the floor of the Romulan Senate. The floor features a large map of Romulan and Federation space, and his walking from Romulan space, across the Neutral Zone, and into Federation space is extremely symbolic.

Fade to black.

Cut to the Scimitar in the foreground vs. the Enterprise in the background.

Voiceover by Shinzon: "The mighty Federation will fall before us."

Cut to close-up of Shinzon completing the aforementioned voiceover.

Cut to Shinzon standing in the middle and in front of of the Romulan Senate.

Fade to black.

Fade in to Scorpion shuttlepod hovering in the Scimitar shuttlebay.

Cut to Scorpion from opposite angle facing a large door leading to a corridor.

Voiceover by Data: "Do you think this is a wise course of action, sir?"

Cut to close-up of Picard sitting in the Scorpion cockpit, answering with: "We're about to find out, Data." Data can be seen sitting behind him, posing as B-9, wearing B-9's yellow jumpsuit.

From this point onward, the cuts in the trailer are much quicker.

Cut to close-up of Scorpion phaser, mounting on top of the shuttlepod, firing.

Cut to pullback of Scorpion firing at the door, blowing it open.

Cut to opposite angle of the door, with five Remans behind it being blown back by the shock of the blast.

Cut to Scorpion zooming past the camera as it escapes down a Scimitar corridor.

Cut to Viceroy on the lower decks of the Enterprise (same walls as in the scene in First Contact where Picard bids Lily Sloane farewell by the escape pods), scurrying sideways while looking at Riker who is off-camera.

Cut to Argo Jeep racing on Kolarus III. Picard and Data are sitting in front, while Worf is sitting in the back, manning the rear-facing phaser cannon.

Cut to uncloaked Scimitar flying in space.

Cut to Riker falling off an Enterprise walkway, clinging to a railing, with the Viceroy clinging ontoto him for dear life.

Cut to close-up of Shinzon and Troi (thinking she's with Riker) kissing passionately in bed. This is from the invasive dreams that the Viceroy gives Troi.

Cut to three native Kolarus III Jeeps, pursuing the Argo Jeep.

Cut to close-up of Picard, Data (wearing protective earwear, almost like Oakley sunglasses, but with clear lenses) and Worf sitting in the Argo Jeep.

Cut to explosion directly in front of a Kolaran Jeep.

Cut to another explosion knocking a Kolaran Jeep onto its side.

Cut to graphic with the words, backlit by green, which then zoom towards the viewer: "This December"

Cut to exploding Enterprise viewscreen, shot from behind the crewmen manning Helm and Navigation.

Cut to opposite angle, as the explosion rocks the same crewmen.

Cut to Helms Officer Bransen clinging to his console before being sucked into space.

Cut to Argo jeep launching itself off a jump.

Cut to Shinzon standing up from his Scimitar bridge chair.

Cut to graphic, same aforementioned style: "A Generation's"

Cut to Enterprise saucer section getting hit by a Scimitar torpedo. There is a green nebula in the background, perhaps indicating they're in the Bassen Rift.

Cut to close-up of Picard sitting in Scorpion, suddenly making a swift left turn.

Cut to opposite angle behind Picard as he's making the turn, looking out the Scorpion and into the Scimitar corridor.

Cut to Scorpion ricocheting off the side of a Scimitar corridor.

Cut to overhead shot of Troi, kneeling, hands on her heart. This is probably again during her invasive dreams sequence.

Cut to Scorpion escaping, blasting out of the cloaked Scimitar, which is visible for a second, then resumes its cloak.

Cut to graphic, same aforementioned style: "Final Journey"

Cut to Enterprise firing quantum torpedo.

Cut to Enterprise firing two quantum torpodoes and phasers at the cloaked Scimitar, which uncloaks when hit.

Cut to explosions on Scimitar bridge.

Cut to explosions on Enterprise bridge.

Cut to explosions on Scimitar bridge.

Cut to graphic, same aforementioned style: "Begins"

Cut to Data running down a badly-damaged Enterprise corridor, while LaForge stands and watches from behind a forcefield.

Cut to Donatra looking out a window on Romulus.

Cut to Data running down the corridor.

Cut to Shinzon, face now popping with veins, standing up from his Scimitar bridge chair.

Cut to Data leaping from the corridor towards the uncloaked Scimitar.

Cut to Picard standing up from his Enterprise bridge chair.

Cut to Data leaving the corridor into the emptiness of space. The section of Enterprise he exits is so badly damaged it's not even recognizable as being from the Enterprise.

Fade to black.

Fade in to Shinzon telling Troi, "Don't fear..."

In a great bit of computer animation, the wings from the Romulan Bird of Prey graphic that Paramount's been using to advertise the movie, criss-cross into the frame. The wings that sprout from the bird have green light emanating from them. The word "Nemesis" fades in immediately thereafter on top of the bird, lit from behind by bright white/blue light that beam in the words "Star Trek" above "Nemesis." Notice that the words "Star Trek" don't immediately appear with the word "Nemesis," but skip a beat first before appearing. The entire bird and the Star Trek: Nemesis logo, then move towards and below the frame, but the green backlight from the wings remains, highlighting the words "December 13" that then appear to replace the bird and logo.

Cut to the "Startrek.com" URL that then appear in very large text, along with fine print indicating that the soundtrack will be available on Varase Sarabande Records, and the Paramount 90th Anniversary logo below it.

Fade to black.

A description and fan reaction to the trailer is now online at TrekWeb, from convention guest Dwayne Robinson.

"The trailer [...] begins with a shot of the Romulan Senate," he wrote. "We hear Shinzon say, "In darkness, there is strength." The Enterprise-E is shown, with - I think - Riker saying 'I think that we can truly say that we're sailing into the unknown.'"

Robinson also described the audience reaction to the trailer. "Fan reaction was enthusiastic," he wrote. "One convention attendee said that she wished that December wasn't so far away, while another person said that the trailer looked like it would blow 'First Contact' away."

Tad provided some information on the movie's official web site. "It will involve online games, an online card trading game, full 360-degree IPIX tours of all the sets, info on the crew and Romulus and Remus," he supplied.

To read the complete trailer description, follow this link to TrekWeb.

Section 31 also posted an analysis from Jim Williamson. "Shots include Picard, Data, and Worf riding in the 24th century Jeep, various explosions on the bridge, battle scenes in the Bassen Rift and it ended on an awesome shot of a wrecked ship floating in the rift," he explained.

His complete description can be found here at Section 31.

The full trailer is set to get its television debut on the July 1st edition of Entertainment Tonight. This date will also see the launch of the official Nemesis web site. The trailer will begin showing in cinemas from July 3rd.

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