TNG DVDs To Be First In Region 1

By Caillan
June 23, 2001 - 9:02 PM

The Next Generation will be the first series to be released in DVD box sets in Region 1, with a 2002 release likely.

The news was posted by Martin Blythe, Paramount Home Video vice-president for PR, at the Home Theatre Forum. According to Blythe, the DVD releases "will be season box sets" and "TNG has moved to the front of the pack again (instead of Voyager)."

However, he added that "it is unlikely now that we can finish the first instalment by the end of this year," but Paramount "are looking at next year to plug it in sometime."

In an earlier post in the forum, Blythe said that "it's all a bit up in the air right now (except ST:TMP)." Though not offiically confirmed, DVD news site The Digital Bits reported a rumour that stated the DVD of 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Director's Edition' was likely to be released in the first week of November.

Meanwhile, the Dutch site DVD Home reported on the delay with the Voyager DVDs in Region 2. Reportedly, the series was to be released in November, but the site said that because of a dispute over the price, the first box set was delayed until January 2002. The article also stated that there was another delay over the possible issue of a widescreen format, but the Region 2 Project said this is incorrect. "Voyager is a 4:3 production and always has been," according to the site. At the moment there has been no confirmation from Paramount over this issue.

Thanks to Bertrand for letting us know about this!

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