Gaming Bullets

By Christian
June 23, 2000 - 11:19 PM

  • At the official Continuum, they've put up the intro movie for 'Klingon Academy' for download.

  • And the game is awarded a B in the review of Ryan Thompson at Gaming Age, praising the game's story.

  • The Omega Project will be hosting a live chat with several of the 'Voyager: Elite Force' developers at 7:00pm Eastern Time tonight in chat room #eliteforce on, or via the usual web interface.

  • And an edited chat log from yesterday's Stomped chat with Raven's Brian Pelletier is now up here.

  • And in more 'Elite Force' news, Raven programmer James Monroe updated his .plan with info on how to make new characters for the game, when it comes out.

  • Finally, Tech Extreme has put up an interview with Mike Crowns, Director of Product Development at Raven Software, also talking about 'Elite Force'.

  • Thanks go out to Blue for some of these items!

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