New 'Andromeda' Dispatch

By Christian
June 23, 2000 - 11:08 PM

Over at, Don Lipper has put up the usual weekly 'Andromeda' dispatch, talking to the series' executive producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe about the location shooting required for the series:

SC: On Trek and especially DS9, you didn't do much location shooting. Has it proved challenging?

RHW: Well, this particular crew had done locations. The challenges are basically getting the stuff on to location and having daylight last and matching weather and all that good stuff. But the good thing is that we're shooting in a northern latitude in summer, so we basically have unlimited daylight.

It's not like Trek where a lot of those people have been on the show 10 to 15 years and haven't done a lot of exterior work. Not that they had problems with it, but it just wasn't their normal mode of operation. Most shows do a lot more exteriors than Star Trek or Babylon 5 or any of those types of genre shows.

The full article has more on 'Andromeda' location shooting, and the way the shooting schedule has been changed to make that possible. Wolfe also talks about the building anticipation for the series, as well as mentioning he'll be attending two upcoming SF cons in July.

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