'The Art Police' Premiering Friday

By Christian
June 23, 2000 - 12:34 AM

Tomorrow, Friday the 23rd of June, GalaxyOnline.com will be launching its new SF comedy sketch show, 'Fahrenheit 452: The Art Police'. The series was co-created by Tim Russ (Tuvok), who also serves as writer, producer and star of the show, and who describes it as "a short, four-to-six-minute-per-episode comedy sketch program that is, more or less, Men in Black meets Cops."

'The Art Police' - courtesy GalaxyOnline.com In the series, Russ stars as one of the members of the Art Police, who catchphrase is "We don't judge it. We simply remove it." Here's how Russ describes them: "Our characters are stone-faced, stoic, suit-and-tie guys that are very neutral and not at all colorful. We're not the least bit interested in undertaking any kind of artistic endeavor. Rather, we simply respond to artistic emergencies that have occurred."

These emergencies will include bad poetry readings, poorly performed Shakespeare monologues or offensive porn films, and each time the Art Police are called to intervene and remove the offensive works of art, and sometimes even the artist. If this sounds weird, that's how it was intended, according to Russ. ""We're working to try to create the most unusual, strange and weird sort of story lines that we can come up with. But they'll always be recognizable in terms of the police procedure that we use. We have different charges and violations, and our own version of the Miranda rights. It's going to be recognizable as a police drama, but definitely with a twist."

Russ's co-stars in the series are Bruce A. Young (from 'The Sentinel') and Dan Chase (who starred in Russ's indie feature 'East of Hope Street), while many of the villains in the 24-episode series will be portrayed by fellow Star Trek actors in guest spots.

The first episode of the series will be released tomorrow at GalaxyOnline.

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