'Star Trek The Tour' To Tour Again

By T'Bonz
May 23, 2008 - 6:52 PM

After settling a financial dispute with the owners of the Queen Mary and after a change in ownership, Star Trek the Tour is ready to travel again.

As reported by The District Weekly, a $200,000 debt for security, lodging and food kept the tour from departing Long Beach after the show closed in March. "There is still a lot of equipment over there, because [if] we let them take the equipment then we donít have anything to hold over them," said a source, speaking before the dispute was settled. "It is not a pleasant situation as I understand it."

Complicating matters was a change in ownership, from SEE Touring, who owned Star Trek the Tour, to Plainfield Asset Management. "Plainfield put up the money for the promoter and they got into a dispute, the exact extent of which I'm not familiar withĖnor do I care to be," said Joe Benzivenga, who works for Plainfield. "They have been going back and forth for probably the past two months. They actually, finally reached an agreement this past Sunday which in turn resulted in Plainfield acquiring everything, rather than just having a security interest in [the exhibit]. It's my understanding that they have a new promoter who is going to pick up and run the show."

Paul Konapelsky, general counsel for Save the Queen (owners of the Queen Mary) said "We reached an agreement with Plainfield. They paid us yesterday, and they are going to have the dome loaded out by June 6."

To read more, head to the article located here. Thanks to Shatna for the tip.

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