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New Trek Movie Expected To Rejuvenate 'Bankable Brand'

By Michelle
May 23, 2007 - 8:48 PM

What's going on with Star Trek XI? Writer Robert Orci is quoted in Entertainment Weekly's article about upcoming reboots, while actors continue to make known their desire to play younger versions of the famous original series characters.

"Hollywood is keener than ever on cultivating bankable brands out of old properties," noted Entertainment Weekly (via In addition to upcoming Incredible Hulk, and Terminator films, Star Trek is among the "old properties" mentioned, Star Trek comes with "'preexisting it puts you [under] a more critical eye,'" said Orci, whose latest project is the Transformers movie. The magazine itself claimed that "fans keep clamoring for a new spin on a brand that had became, after four decades, a tad tired."

Meanwhile, actors who would like to appear in the film keep getting their names dropped - parhaps since Orci said that the film, scheduled to start filming late this fall, has not yet been cast, despite the persistent mention of such names as Matt Damon and Gary Sinise.

The IESB quotes a celebrity Ryan Gosling fan as saying that Gosling wants to play young Captain Kirk. "How awesome would that be?" asked Patton Oswalt, who said that director J.J. Abrams "can pretty much do no wrong, as far as I'm concerned."

And quoted Heroes star Masi Oka as saying that he would be honored to play young Sulu, though he isn't as much of a Trekkie as his character Hiro and he doubts that his television filming schedule would permit it. Oka plays the son of the original Sulu - George Takei - on the NBC series.

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