2004 Novels Will Explain 'Nemesis' Changes

By Michelle
May 23, 2003 - 4:34 AM

Pocket Books executive editor John Ordover has offered additional information about the 12-book Star Trek: The Next Generation novel series forthcoming next year.

In April, Ordover posted on the Trek BBS that Pocket intended to release a Next Generation book every month to tell the ongoing story of the crew leading up to the start of Star Trek: Nemesis.

This week at the BBS, Ordover posted the rest of the titles, which, following the first six, also come from the Book of Ecclesiastes:

  • A Time to Create
  • A Time to Destroy
  • A Time to Kill
  • A Time to Heal
  • A Time for War
  • A Time for Peace

Ordover wrote that the pairs of thematically connected books would deal with the changes in the lives of the characters as witnessed in Nemesis, such as the return of Worf, Data's lack of emotions and the presence of Wesley Crusher. The books will also examine the sources of Will Riker's decisions to marry Deanna Troi and to accept command of his own ship.

In addition, the series will show the Federation's efforts to rebuild after the Dominion War goes on, "a longer, harder, and more politically complex undertaking than fighting the war was", according to Ordover.

The first six novels will be written by John Vornholt, Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore and Bob Greenberger.

The original information on this series, which will be released beginning in February of next year, can be found here. The new information can be found at the Trek BBS.

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