Bakula Lobbied Producers For Tougher Archer

By Caillan
May 23, 2003 - 2:06 AM

Scott Bakula on UPN 9 News - copyright UPNScott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) Wednesday night revealed he campaigned for Enterprise's commanding officer to toughen up next season after becoming "frustrated" with where his character was heading.

Speaking to UPN 9 News, Bakula said he approached executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga and lobbied for a change in Archer's attitude. "I said to Rick and Brannon: 'If Archer doesn't start addressing the Suliban, or some of these issues that are out there, he's just either kind of running around the universe avoiding it, and that doesn't seem like him'. That's really when my frustration started."

In the UPN report, which featured footage from Wednesday night's season finale, "The Expanse", and other Enterprise episodes, reporter Pat Collins provided an overview of the changes planned for season three. "The cast will expand in the fall to provide brash, Navy Seal-like commandos," Collins said, adding that "the Enterprise will be ready for war, equipped with photon torpedoes."

Scott Bakula on UPN 9 News - copyright UPNThe NX-01's new mission in the wake of a devastating attack will have parallels to current events, according to the news story. "Enterprise in its third season will reflect the public's change in attitude since 9/11," said Collins. Scott Bakula said he supported this allegorical angle. "Any parallels I would think certainly are justifiable, and what Star Trek has always been about in terms of parallel stories," the actor said.

After recent mentions of a possible Archer/T'Pol romance next season in TV Guide and the Kansas City Star (story), UPN 9 News raised the issue again. The station showed a clip featuring T'Pol saying "You need me" to Archer, followed by a shot of Archer and T'Pol kissing in "A Night In Sickbay". "And he may need her in bed too, next season," said Pat Collins in a voice-over.

But despite these media reports, Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) said recently she would be against a relationship between her character and Captain Archer. "You know what, I don't see that it would be in the best interest of the show or even the viewers and the audience for us to have an ongoing relationship," she told Extra.

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