Phillips Will Join Leguizamo in 'The Babysitters'

By Michelle
April 23, 2006 - 5:26 PM

Ethan Phillips (Neelix) will appear with John Leguizamo in The Babysitters, an independent film Leguizamo described as "a crazy, crazy dark project that Ben Stiller passed on for obvious reasons."

In a note to The Trek Nation, Phillips said, "I'm about to do a role in an indie film called The Babysitters...we shoot in NY in May." A March article at Zap2It on the film described it as a dark comedy and stated that it was written and directed by David Ross.

"It's [about] this guy, he's married and has two kids and he goes through a midlife crisis and starts having an affair with the babysitter," Leguizamo explained. "And his whole life starts spiraling downward. And then his friends start having affairs with babysitters too, and their lives start spiraling...everybody's lives start falling apart."

"It's a dark, dark piece," added Leguizamo at Zap2It. "It's comedic in some bizarre kind of tragicomedy kind of level." Kate Waterson will play the babysitter who becomes involved with Leguizamo's character.

Phillips said in his note to The Trek Nation, "When it'll be released is anyone's guess, but probably it'll be at festivals before next summer." Previous reports that he would appear in The Transformers live-action film, he added, were inaccurate.

More information is here.

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