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By Christian
April 23, 2000 - 11:14 PM

  • Roald van der Laan wrote in to mention that he just saw the videoclip for 'Higher and Higher', a song by the European artist DJ Jurgen. In it, we see a girl singing the song in an elevator, and all kinds of different persons come walking in and out. At one point in the song, though not played by the actual actresses, Kira Nerys and Jadzia Dax walk in!

  • Doug Radcliffe at Gamespot has put up a strategy guide for 'Star Trek: Armada', Activision's new real-time strategy game. Thanks go out to Blue for this!

  • In addition to the back cover texts he put up yesteday, David Henderson at Psi Phi has uploaded the front cover images for the following four Star Trek novels: the Original Series' Rihannsu Book 3: Swordhunt and Rihannsu Book 4: Honor Blade, both by Diane Duane, Paper Universe by Andrew Pang, and Aliens & Artifacts by Michael Westmore, Alan Sims, Brad Look and William J. Birnes.

  • Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax) can be seen in two magazines currently on sale: Walker magazine, which features her on the cover, and In Style magazine, which includes a travel diary of her recent trip to Kenya. Photo scans from both magazines can be found here on Jason Davidson's Star Trek site.

  • BrentWatch has been updated with a transcript of the Showtime documentary 'Intimate Portrait: Swoosie Kurtz', which featured Brent Spiner (Data) talking about Kurtz, who lived together for six years.

  • In addition, 'Welcome, Brent Spiner Fans!' has put up a list of talk shows that will be featuring Drew Carey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and that will therefore presumably also feature clips of their new project 'Gepetto'. The made-for-TV Disney musical, which airs on the 7th of May, also stars Spiner as Stromboli.

  • The Shuffle Off To Terok Nor is reporting that Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys) was recently interviewed in an airing of E!'s 'Celebrity Profile', talking about her former 'Working Girl' co-star Sandra Bullock.

  • George Takei (Hikaru Sulu) has updated his official site with an article on the Excelsior Campaign, saying pretty much the same things in support of it he's said in the about three dozen interviews he gave about it.

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