'Fury' Communicator Interview

By Christian
April 23, 2000 - 4:20 PM

'Fury' - courtesy the Communicator & Voyager's Delights, copyright Paramount Pictures Qie at Voyager's Delights has put up a transcript of the interview with Jennifer Lien (Kes) that first appeared in issue 128 of the Star Trek Communicator, written by Kevin Dilmore.

In the interview, Lien talks about her return episode, which "has nothing to do with Kes growing up. [...] The character kind of comes out of nowhere. She's different than she used to be." As the article reveals, Kes is actually very different from how she used to be, as the episode begins with Kes ramming her small vessel into Voyager, killing a crewmember, and then travelling back in time to destroy the entire Voyager crew. According to Lien, the episode "emphasizes the existential, supernatural side of her character."

In the rest of the article, Lien talks about how she enjoyed returning to 'Voyager', a sentiment which is echoed by Robert Picardo (the Holodoc). In addition, the article contains five new photos from the episode, including the one you see here in this news item - of course all copyrighted by Paramount. Click here to see it all.

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