Checker To Bring Back Classic Comics

By Michelle
March 23, 2004 - 10:23 PM

Moving into the niche nostalgia market while there are no new Star Trek comics being produced, the Checker Book Publishing Group is gearing up to release a series of classic Trek comic reprints from over 30 years ago.

In a new interview at Comic Book Resources, Checker's Mark Thompson said, "It is our hope that the frequently echoed comment - 'Geez, somebody needs to put that back into print' will all but disappear from comics shops around the country."

Thompson said that the reprints of Western Publishing's Gold Key comics, which feature Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and the rest of the original series characters, would consist of trade paperback collections containing eight issues each, with the first book to be published in May.

"Unfortunately the writing credits in these first issues are only listed as 'Golden staff,'" Thompson said, noting that with reprints it was often difficult to learn exactly which writers and illustrators should be credited.

Paramount, he added, had very few of the original back issues, which helped Thompson to explain why Checker reprints would be an asset. He said the company was impressed with Checker's Hellraiser collection and approved the license fairly quickly after an initial meeting.

To read more about Checker's plans to reprint the original 60 full-color issues, see the article at Comic Book Resources' The Comic Wire.

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