News Bullets

By Amy
March 23, 2001 - 6:35 PM

  • Psi Phi's Book Database has posted an excerpt from the first book in the Deep Space Nine relaunch, 'Avatar, Book One' by S.D. Perry.

  • TrekWeb has posted an article looking at cut footage from the last Trek movie, 'Star Trek: Insurrection".

  • Section 31 has posted two clips their 'Generations Cut Scenes' of the day feature. Available for 24 hours, today's clips look at Worf's promotion scene - namely 'Can Klingons swim?' and 'Data and Crusher Go Overboard'.

  • The official site has posted a lengthy article looking at Star Trek's involvement in this year's and past Oscar awards.

  • Voting has concluded for all categories in this year's alt.startrek.creative awards

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