Trinneer Says Format Keeps 'Enterprise' Fresh

By Caillan
February 23, 2002 - 6:07 PM

'Star Trek: The Magazine' photo -  copyright Paramount Pictures

Connor Trinneer (Charles 'Trip' Tucker) said recently he attributes Enterprise's success to its ability to present interesting new situations every episode.

"You're not rehashing the same story over and over again like you do on a cop show. Every episode is a new deal, which is exciting," Trinneer told Star Trek: The Magazine (via his official web site). "We've never met these aliens or seen these planets of galaxies or whatever, so there'll be plenty to do.

"And the show is well written; what a great luxury to have! This is a good show that deals with issues that we all deal with. And because we're going out there knowing that we haven't met anybody before, that sort of mindset will make for an interesting ride for as long as it airs. We have a lot of time to learn."

Trinneer said he expects this variety to extend to his character, engineer 'Trip' Tucker. "My hope is that I get really interesting stories, which has been the case thus far, and I hope that continues," he said. "And you know you're going to get an opportunity to work your chops, day in and day out, and you're just going to get better. And as an actor it's a great gig; you get to deal with so many different kinds of topics."

One thing viewers may not know is that Trinneer is trained in unarmed combat and rapier and dagger skills. So will we be seeing some gladiatorial action on Enterprise? "I have yet to get to rapier and dagger, but I sure would love to! I've had opportunities to do some unarmed fighting, and I love doing that. I did a pilot for a 'Three Musketeers' show that didn't work out, but I was able to do rapier and dagger and that was a great deal of fun. Hopefully, there'll be some of that. My impression is that I'm going to get some stuff!"

The full interview with Trinneer, in which he also talked about his theatrical background, can be found in the March issue of Star Trek: The Magazine, out now. Alternatively, a transcript is available here at

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