Michael Taylor Talks Remaining Season Seven Episodes

By Amy
February 23, 2001 - 9:06 PM

AntonyF over at Fandom.com's Star Trek Central has posted the second and concluding part of his interview with Voyager scribe Michael Taylor. While the majority of the interview focuses on Taylor's past work on Voyager, such as episodes 'Drive' and 'Shattered', there is some talk of what's to come. So what is to come?

Unsurprisingly, there's a bit on 'Human Error', an episode set to air in roughly two weeks, and an episode that's been causing considerable controversy among the online fan community, particularly with what many see as allusions to a potential Chakotay/Seven romance. Taylor believes that it'll be "quite wonderful" and will "tell us a little bit more about Seven, a sort of secret side to her". From what we've seen so far of the episode, this 'secret side' of Seven of Nine will involve Chakotay - but what about the Doctor? A previously reported rumour had the episode following up on season five romance 'Someone to Watch Over Me' towards the end of the new episode. Taylor, however, refuses to confirm or deny.

What will be a primarily Doctor episode, however, is 'Author, Author', in which the hologram "writes a memoir of his life of sorts." Taylor likens it to the Next Generation episode 'Measure of a Man', where Data is put trial to determine if he is or is not sentient - but with a twist. "Its more to the point of what is an artist?" he says and adds that "there's a lot of fun to be had" with it. .

According to his comments, 'Friendship One' will be similar to previous Voyager episode 'One Small Step', in that the Voyager crew will encounter Earth technology from their yesteryear - only this time their encounter will apparently be by design rather than accident. "Brian and I," Taylor comments, "have written an episode called "Friendship One", which is about when Voyager gets sent on a mission by Starfleet to retrieve an old probe," sent out by their less ‘enlightened’ ancestors in their efforts to contact life.”

Taylor also spoils a couple more episodes, including the recently announced 'Natural Law' where Seven and Chakotay will be stranded together on a jungle planet, 'Renaissance Man' which sees the Doctor go undercover reminiscent of "the old movie A Man of A Thousand Faces, and Lon Chaney." Finally, there will also be a Neelix episode, which Taylor implies will be the last before the finale. The lack of Neelix episodes can no doubt be directly attributed to the current management policy - Taylor admits that though it's a pleasure to write for Voyager's resident Talaxian, "he's not the captain, or the sexy Borg", not "a character [they're] all encouraged to build shows around."

On that, note, to find out a some more spoilers, or to see what else Taylor thinks about what happening, his own future or how he feels about some of the already aired Voyager episodes, please follow this link to Fandom.com's Star Trek Central.

Meanwhile, the infamous (to the Paramount powers, at least) 'Thinkey' has been busy again, providing TrekWeb with a detailed synopsis of next week's Voyager episode. To read and be spoiled, follow this link!

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