Trek Blu-Ray Release Details

By T'Bonz
January 23, 2009 - 11:49 AM

As if an all-new feature film won't be enough to satisfy Trek fans in the month of May, Paramount and CBS are reportedly planning to roll out the first Blu-Ray releases of both Trek on film and Trek on television.

According to a new report posted on the Digital Bits, CBS is planning to release the first season of the original Trek series in a set that will include both the remastered and the original broadcast versions of each episode. The set will be released on the same day Paramount will release the so-called 'Kirk/Spock' box set, containing the first six episodes in their original theatrical versions.

Earlier in the week, the Norwegian DVD site reported that Europe would see the release of a 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture Trilogy' set, including the first three feature films. In addition, they reported plans by Paramount to also release separate Blu-Ray discs of the second, third, fourth and sixth films, with Star Trek V: The Final Frontier apparently missing in action in Europe. also posted the first cover images of both the Trilogy box set and CBS's package for the first TOS season. The reported release date for all these sets is the 13th of May, neatly coinciding with the May 8 release date of the new film.

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