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Dorn, Too, Believes TNG Cast Will Reunite Onscreen

By Michelle
January 23, 2006 - 11:25 PM

Joining his co-star Patrick Stewart (story), Michael Dorn (Worf) said that in his opinion, there will be another Star Trek: The Next Generation film.

"My opinion, which is solely my opinion, is yes there will," Dorn told G4, which is now airing TNG and the original Star Trek. After the last one, he added, everyone thought it was over, but while it "may take a couple of years", he believes that there will be an eleventh film featuring his cast.

"Hopefully it will be a Worf story," he added, "where Worf saves the galaxy and gets the cute chick." This despite the fact that he admitted that Worf was very nearly not a character on the Star Trek revival show; the cast had been assembled when he was brought in.

"The cast had already been working for a couple of weeks," he recalled. "They were a tight knit group. But at the last minute, Gene Roddenberry, who created Star Trek, was tired of getting grief from the fans: 'What about the Klingons?'" Roddenberry decided, "'Things change; let's have a Klingon on the bridge. And that's when they called me.' It was last minute."

A fan of the original series, Dorn knew about the Klingons. "One of the things that I learned in acting class is that when you walk on the set, and in the studio, you are that person," he noted, explaining that when he arrived at the studio the receptionist thought he was strange for asking whether he could be alone. Says he asked receptionist "Is there a place I can be by myself?" When he walked in to audition, "I saw these guys there that I knew...Gene Roddenberry, Bob Justman...I said, 'I'm Michael Dorn. Nice to meet you. Thank you very much. Goodbye.'" And they decided he was the guy.

Dorn said that he was very happy when his makeup time was reduced from two and a half hours to a little over and hour, confessing that he nearly left the show after the second season because of all the damage to his skin. At one time he did a convention nearly every weekend, but now he does 3-4 a year, "the really cool places" like Italy and Germany. For fun he flies ex-military jets.

The full interview may be downloaded at G4.

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