Stewart Again Discusses Possible Trek XI

By Michelle
January 23, 2006 - 9:03 PM

Patrick Stewart (Picard) reiterated that he believed there was a lot of interest in an eleventh Star Trek feature film with the Next Generation cast and other television characters, adding that he hoped William Shatner (Kirk) might appear in such a film.

Speaking to ITV's This Morning (via TrekWeb, Stewart promoted his new ITV series Eleventh Hour and upcoming film X-Men 3. He also said there was "great interest" in reuniting the TNG cast one more time.

"It has been raised," Stewart said of the question of another Star Trek movie with him involved. "Apparently there's interest in bringing The Next Generation cast together with actors from different Star Trek series." Might that include Captain Kirk? "I would love that. I'm very fond of William Shatner," Stewart said.

At the moment, explained Stewart, he has just finished a run in his one-man show A Christmas Carol. "I'm now looking forward to a year in Warwickshire, Stratford upon Avon, being a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company for a whole season of plays," he said. "That was a huge part of my early career, and it meant so much to me. One of the reasons I became an actor was to do that kind of work, I didn't become an actor to work in film or television."

As for Eleventh Hour, The Patrick Stewart Network has posted details of the series' second episode and a small photo. The second of the four parts of Eleventh Hour will premiere on ITV1 on January 26th and focuses on a mysterious lethal virus which threatens to cause a global pandemic.

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