Critics: 'Silent Enemy' Good, Despite B-Story Blues

By Caillan
January 23, 2002 - 8:34 AM

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Last week's 'Silent Enemy' has continued to receive positive reviews, although some critics felt the episode could have been better if it wasn't for the sub-plot.

Details of the latest five analyses posted online can be found below:

  • Delta Blues guest reviewer Anthony Spotts awarded 'Silent Enemy' 3 out of 4, saying that "with the exception of some of the vagueness left by the B-Story, this episode is a feel good all around." Spotts particularly enjoyed the episode's character interaction and singled out Linda Park's (Hoshi Sato) performance for praise. The complete analysis is available to read here.

  • Reviewer monkee enjoyed 'Silent Enemy,' likening it to the Original Series's 'Balance of Terror.' However, she felt the B-story kept the episode from true greatness. "The two stories didn't match," she wrote. "Don't get me wrong, I like that they were trying to do something special for Reed - it just was just too light-hearted to be mixed in with the more critical main plot. It trivialized the story, and that's why it won't be a classic." Go here to read the full review, in which the episode scored 8.5 out of 10.

  • Donna Dickenson at Project Quantum Leap praised the episode as "the best of Enterprise to date." Here's an extract from her review:

    This is the first time we see Archer take a step back, so to speak. He realizes his #1 reason for launching Enterprise was having "something to prove." Is that a good enough reason for risking a starship and crew? Trip tries to convince Archer their mission was and is worth the risk, but we can see the Captain continues to have doubts that will carry over into future storylines.

    'Silent Enemy' was awarded a score of 9 out of 10 in the complete analysis.

  • Gisele La Roche at Voyager's Delights and gave the episode a grade of B plus, calling it "well paced" and "entertaining." However, La Roche felt that on the whole, there is still something missing from Enterprise - read why in the full review.

  • Over at ScoopMe!, CJ Carter complimented the episode's realism. Here's an extract from the analysis:

    I do have to laud kudos on the fact that the round-the-clock engineering jag took its toll. With stubbled faces, dishevelled hair, and ripening uniforms you could almost smell, Reed and Trip (and to a degree, Archer) looked a bit haggard. While what they accomplished is not really believable even in the Trek-verse, at least the crew looked like they put in some hours.

    To read more, head over to the original article.

Further information on 'Silent Enemy' can be found in the TrekNation episode guide.

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