'Q2' Production Update

By Amy
January 23, 2001 - 2:50 PM

The official site has posted a production update for the recently confirmed Voyager episode, 'Q2'. The episode, as previously reported, will see LeVar Burton (TNG's Geordie LaForge) direct John de Lancie, reprising his role as Q, along side real-life son Keegan de Lancie as the title character, but what wasn't known at the time was that the episode will feature the Borg – a number of which apparently could be seen taking a smoko outside stage 8, where the majority of the Borg scenes were filmed, or eating in the Commissary. In the episode, however, the Borg will be seen in their usual role as the aggressors – one of the scenes being rehearsed during the day was the closing scene of Act One with Voyager under attack by the Borg, who will actually beam onto Voyager's bridge.

A the time the article was written, the Voyager episode was in it's fourth day of shooting, or, as the director joked, "day four of seven, or seven X!" While a week is the normal Voyager shooting run, Burton, despite being the "the consummate and polite professional" has a tendency to go over-time. Burton also had a thing or two to say about de Lancie Junior, remarking that the actor, though he has relatively little acting experience, possess "many of his father's qualities, including a certain 'Q-ness'".

To read the full production update, which includes a bit more on the rehearsals for the attack scene (the cast goofing off), please follow the above link.

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