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Ron Jones Criticises Current Trek Music

By Caillan
December 22, 2002 - 7:45 AM

Former Star Trek: The Next Generation composer Ron Jones recently criticised the current state of Trek music.

"Sometimes I take a peek at the new stuff that Paramount manufactures so we will watch the commercials, but I have been underwhelmed by the efforts demonstrated," Jones told Star Trek Soundtracks. "My dog can do pads."

Enterprise's theme song, 'Faith of the Heart,' is no better, the composer said. "Someone needed a naptime, or perhaps they thought they were making a new Brady Bunch series by mistake. It sucks. It doesnít envelop the essence of space exploration. It is better suited to the opening ceremony of WNBA basketball games."

Jones was fired after four seasons on TNG, after he reportedly refused to make his music more unobtrusive. "After I was assassinated I noticed that the scores sounded less melodic and more pad-like," he said. "[Franchise head] Ricky Berman always considered music an intrusion, a necessary evil. I now can relate to the poor composers that were brought up before Stalin for being too creative. They were made to apologize for thinking out of the Party line. In Hollywood they just call someone else that will kiss ass bigger and better if you don't agree. Sounds harsh, but it is really rough out there. Add money to egos and mix it with absolute power and you get something ugly."

During his tenure, Jones composed the music for episodes such as 'Heart of Glory,' 'Q Who,' 'The Best of Both Worlds, Parts I and II' and 'Final Mission.' The composer said he always tried his utmost to ensure each score was special.

"I viewed each episode as a film on its own. I developed new thematic materials, and used a different orchestra each time. [...] I would often literally beg the music head of the studio for more strings or for extra percussion. You only risk upsetting the system if you are crazy about making it great or completely on a mission to create the best score possible. I guess I am both. Now, when I hear what I did with the help of great talented players, engineers and support from the producers, I am happy I took the high road."

The full interview is available here at Star Trek Soundtracks. Thanks to TrekWeb for this!

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