Berman Updates Fans On 'Enterprise' & 'Nemesis'

By Caillan
December 22, 2001 - 2:02 PM

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With Enterprise's first season now well underway and 'Star Trek: Nemesis' moving into production, current franchise head Rick Berman recently took the time to talk about the latest happenings in the Trek universe.

The producer has been particularly pleased by Enterprise's ratings since its September debut. "When the people from the network and the studio call me elated about the numbers, I know that we're doing something right," Berman told the Star Trek Communicator (via TrekWeb).

"We have a lot more viewers than Voyager had in its last few years [...] hopefully we are going to hold onto them and the numbers will continue to grow."

In the interview, Berman expressed his pleasure with how the characters have developed, adding that there is plenty of material to explore in the future. One episode that particularly stands out in this regard is 'Shuttlepod One', the first details of which were provided last week (story).

"There is a show that Brannon [Braga] and I are working on right now which is a strong episode for Trip and Reed and I think will bond those two characters together," he said of the episode which will reportedly see the two officers stranded in a shuttlepod.

Berman was also able to provide an update on the latest Trek feature film, 'Star Trek: Nemesis.' The producer was enthusiastic about the movie's location scenes, which were shot at the end of November.

"It's the biggest and most exciting adventure sequence that we've ever done," Berman said. "It's filled with four-wheel vehicles and lots and lots of surprises. There is a big battle scene on a planet called Kolaris. It's a big action-packed and funny opening."

'Nemesis' isn't anticipated to be the most expensive Trek big-screen adventure, as Berman said that the budget is "tighter than on previous films. We know how to make $75 million movies for $65 million."

To read the full interview with Berman, pick up issue 136 of the Star Trek Communicator, on newsstands now and also available for online ordering. Alternatively, TrekWeb has posted further extracts from the magazine here.

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