News Bullets

By Amy
December 22, 2000 - 3:47 PM

  • Patrick Stewart (Picard) and wife Wendy Neuss (Post-Production Supervisor and Co-Producer on TNG as well as a Producer on Star Trek: Voyager) will be collaborating with Robert Halmi, Sr. on a new adaptation of Shakespearian classic, 'King Lear' for TNT. Entitled 'Boss Lear', the story will now be set in Texas in the mid-1800's, and instead of Lear being a King, Stewart will portray him as a powerful ranch owner during a Mexican revolt. Thanks go out to BW for this.

  • Voyager has again gone without notice in this year's Golden Globe awards, though according to the official site, several Trek alumni have been nominated.

  • More on the 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' special edition DVD, TrekWeb is reporting that "key personell close to the production" have revealed that the 'Kirk/Spock SpaceWalk Into The Memory Wall' sequence will not be included.

  • Psi Phi's has added the front cover image for 'S.C.E. #4: Interphase, Book One', by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore to their Books Database.

  • The infamous 'Shattered' script has turned up yet again, this time at Visigoth's Fanfic, a J/C site. Thanks go out to HolodocDr for this!

  • Neil Bradley sends word that Voyager video volume 7.1 will now be released in the UK on March 5th, rather than February 5th of 2001.

  • Media Trek has been updated with a 6-minute Real Video clip of Jeri Ryan's (Seven of Nine) recent appearance on 'The Daily Show', while William Shatner's (Kirk) 13 minute interview on 'The Late Show' can also be downloaded in Real Video format.

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