Montgomery Would Like Closure For 'Enterprise'

By Michelle
November 22, 2005 - 6:47 PM

Anthony Montgomery revealed that of all the cast members of Star Trek: Enterprise he felt closest to Dominic Keating (Reed) and said he was grateful for the assistance of fans to promote his work.

Chatting at, the Travis Mayweather actor said that working on Enterprise was "absolutely inspiring" and added that, like everyone, he was sad to see it end. "I personally feel that anyone thrown in the spotlight has the responsibility to portray themselves and humanity in a positive light," he noted, thanking a fan who told him that he was an inspiration to young people of colour. "I wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility."

Montgomery has now shot 60 hours of footage for a documentary about his grandfather, jazz legend Wes Montgomery, and recently released a CD of his own, though his music is hip-hop. "I wasn't pushing myself to be a hip-hop artist," he stated. "I did it to see if I could. I found out I can and it turned out very well. I'm proud of the results."

The actor has not attended any conventions lately because he was shooting the independent film M5. "I'm looking forward to all positive projects that continue to promote me and my entertainment career," he said. "I'm going to need the assistance of fans, this wonderful allegiance, to promote the 'brand' that I have become."

Montgomery said that he is still hoping for closure for Enterprise, declining to guess what his character's future might have been. Scott Bakula (Archer), he added, "is an absolute gentleman and someone I am proud to call my friend." He promised to return in a month or so to stay in touch with his fans from Star Trek.

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