UPN Releases 'Cold Front' Promo

By Caillan
November 22, 2001 - 10:50 AM

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'Cold Front' photo - courtesy Mr. Vidiot, copyright Paramount Pictures

UPN yesterday released the trailer for 'Cold Front', the last Enterprise episode of 2001.

Directed by former Voyager star Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris), the episode features the return of the Suliban Silik, who infiltrates Enterprise on a mission to change the course of history.

Courtesy of Mr. Vidiot and Outpost6, two digitized versions of the promo has been made available for download. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:


[Enterprise travelling at warp.]
[Shot of Daniels.]
[Daniels and Archer staring at each other across the room.]
Archer: "Who are you?"
[Close-up of Archer as the room around him dissolves into a three dimensional display full of data, graphs and charts.]
[Archer and Daniels are enveloped by this 'observatory.']
Daniels: "This is a temporal observatory."
[Wide shot of the 'observatory,' showing masses of data and intersecting conduits.]
Daniels: "I come from nine hundred years from now."
[Tucker and T'Pol talking in the turbolift.]
Tucker: "I always knew we'd be meeting people from other planets..."
[T'Pol straightens up as she listens to Tucker.]
[Silik emerges through a closed doorway.]
Tucker: (off-screen) "...but other centuries?"
[Silik walks down a gangway and reaches a panel, which he begins to access.]
Archer: (off-screen) "We've got a Suliban loose on the ship."
[Aerial shot of engineering as Tucker walks up to look at the warp core.]
[Close-up of Tucker looking at the warp core.]
Archer: (off-screen) "Lock down every outer hatch."
[Daniels talking to Archer.]
Daniels: "I was assigned here, to capture Silik."
[Silik rigged up to a device extracting fluid from his body.]
[Silik morphs through an Enterprise control panel.]
Daniels: "He is a threat."
[Archer staring intently at Daniels.]
Archer: "Why should I trust you?"
[Close-up of Silik.]
Silik: "They didn't come here to protect history."
[A hatch slides open, revealing a group of travellers. Archer, T'Pol and Trip are there to greet them.]
Silik: (off-screen) "They came to alter it."
[In a nebula, a bolt of energy strikes Enterprise.]
Daniels: (off-screen) "What happens here..."
[On the bridge, T'Pol grabs on to Mayweather's chair as Enterprise is rocked by the energy bolt.]
[Daniels talking to Archer.]
Daniels: "...could affect millennia to come."
[Two panels explode in engineering.]
[Archer falls over the edge of a shuttlebay gangway. He grabs onto a rail to stop himself plunging downwards.]
[Close-up of Archer hanging onto the rail, his hair blowing in the wind.]
[Silik plunging downwards from Enterprise through the nebula.]
[Text: 'Enterprise.']

Outpost6 has posted 3.4 MB and 4.0 MB Quicktime versions of the 30-second trailer here. A 22-second, 3.80 MB MPEG encoding is available at Mr. Vidiot.

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