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By Amy
November 22, 2000 - 8:15 AM

Julia Houston,'s Star Trek guide, has uploaded the latest edition of her weekly feature article series. This week, in what seems to be the world's current running gag, she offers her take one the US presidential situation via "Trekker Solutions to Presidential Elections".

We Trekkers know a thing or two about selecting world leaders. As Gore and Bush continue to duke it out and the rest of us pretend to care, it seems a shame that no one is asking us to put a satisfactory (or at least, satisfying) end to the whole thing.

After all, the Federation has a President, which, we assume, is elected to the position. Furthermore, every time we see this President it's a white male, just like the Presidents we get here in America. True, one time the Federation President was a weird-looking white male alien, but then, America had Ross Perot.

Anyway, as part of my civic duty, I went to my Sci-Fi Lit class tonight (who have studied some works beyond the Star Trek lexicon), and we considered the many options Star Trek offers us as a means to put an end to all this nonsense with recounts and absentee ballots and law suits.

For Julia's full article, which contains a number contributions by members of her Sci-Fi Lit class, click on the link.

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