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October 22, 2000 - 8:11 AM

  • Fandom STC writer Ariel has upload the third edition of her new 'Subspace Echoes' column. This week she looks at the late Mark Lenard, 'Drive', the return of Seska and Gene Roddenberry's 'Andromeda'.

    But I digress: I was talking about Lenard. What would Star Trek have been without him? As Sarek, he humanized Spock. A strange statement, you say? After all, Sarek was Vulcan—about as far from human as you could get. But it is true. The moment Sarek and his human wife, Amanda Grayson, stepped off the transporter pad, Spock had a family. More than that, he had a childhood. None of the other characters in TOS had these things—at least, not that we ever saw. We even found out that Spock had a pet sehlat, as a child—a teddy bear with claws and fangs, as he described it.

    Sarek was the epitome of calm and wisdom. Although his relationship with his son was strained the first time we met him, that relationship developed over the years into one of mutual respect and love. Love, you say? From Vulcans? Yes, indeed. You could see it in Sarek`s demeanor, in his kind, gentle eyes, and hear it in his deep, calm voice. Spock would never have been the man he became without Sarek—and Star Trek would have been a poorer series had Roddenberry not seen the need for this relationship and found just the right actor to play this role. Happy Birthday, Mr. Lenard. You will always live on in our hearts.

    For the full article, click here.

  • Secondly, Fandom have also complied two short articles looking at upcoming vampire movies, or, more correctly, Jeri Ryan's (Seven of Nine) appearance in 'Dracula 2000' and Alice Krige (the Borg Queen) in 'The Little Vampire'

  • Jennifer Whildin has uploaded a rather belated Slated Fedora convention report. The con, held on July 28-30 , was interrupted by a bomb scare but apparently it didn't stop the attendees from enjoying themselves, even if Dave Scott made some rather insulting remarks.

    I was the first to arrive at the "Den of Iniquity" where the first room party was being held. I talked to Judith (OdoGoddess) briefly before other guests arrived, and she gave me my author`s copy of Infinite Diversities II. The cover is fabulous, with Quark and Odo looking ever so sensual. The pictures inside made me drool still more. I think all the RAFLers (RAFL is the Rene Auberjonois Fan List) at the party browsed the pages. I noticed Judith`s shirt, which featured a very sexy picture of Odo with a buff bod! I loved it! Hugs all around, it was a delight to meet everyone. The nametags on the door created by Judith and/or Cecy made it easy to put names to faces. We took a few group photos, two of which we put in thank you cards for Armin and Rene, which we all signed.

    As we munched the various goodies (wonderful cookies, brownies, M&M`s, pretzels, soda, candy, and THE COFFEECAKE, among other treats) and watched Judith and Cecy`s videos, "The Journey" and "The Fab Four" (DS9 scenes set to themed music), we laughed and cheered. Soon came a knock at the door, and it was Armin and Rene! All attention became focused on these gorgeous babes as they took seats and were fed. Armin got the last piece of THE COFFEECAKE and Rene, who wore a t-shirt in support of the SAG commercial actors strike, took the last of the Diet Coke. We talked about Star Trek, books, Theatrical Jazz, and much more, laughing, shrieking and applauding. We (the members of RAFL, that is) could have gone on all night! Of course, Armin and Rene needed sleep before the next day's events, and eventually left.

    You can read the full report by going here.

  • Last, but certainly not least, AntonyF has written a very in-depth article, 'Catching up with Ashley Judd' about the actress we probably wouldn't recognizes a Wesly Crusher's on-time girl-friend.

    'Double Jeopardy', the 1999 film starring Tommy Lee Jones, is now available for rental in the UK. The other lead of the film is of course none other than Ashley Judd, who has changed a lot since her days of TNG. Judd played Robin Lefler who appeared in two season five episodes, and in one of those she was the love interest of Wesley Crusher. Eight years on, Judd is barely recognizable, and is now firmly on the path to the top of Hollywood stardom Her first appearance in TNG came in "Darmok" where she was an assistant in engineering. Picard had been forcibly transported down to a planet with an alien captain in an attempt for them to communicate, in what was one of TNG`s finest episode. Lefler assisted in the captain`s rescue.

    Just four episodes later in "The Game" she made her second appearance where she quickly became intimate with Wesley Crusher who was visiting the ship. However they were soon fighting to save the Enterprise as a mind-controlling game spread throughout the crew. After she teased Wesley about his birthmark, and gave him a set of her "laws", Wesley left the Enterprise and their short-lived romance was over.

    She made no further appearances in Star Trek, but the character of Robin Lefler continues as part of the New Frontier book series, and you sometimes see her on the books` covers.

    Again, for the full article, follow this link.

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