New 'Drive' review

By Amy
October 22, 2000 - 7:14 AM

The Cynic has uploaded his review of last weeks Voyager episode, 'Drive' to the Cynic's Corner. He found it to be a typical Voyager offering – that is "a pretty harmless puff piece, with little going for it or against it."

PREDICTABILITY OF THE WEEK: The fact that Irena (played by Star Trek Welfare recipient Cyia Batten, one of the seven or eight actresses who portrayed Tora Ziyal on DS9) was going to be the villain was made pretty obvious by the sickening Harry Hard-on material we were treated to. First, as Curly noted, in a display of minor continuity, if Larry tries hitting on a woman, it's bound to be bad news. Also, the Militaristic Alien Racer was too obvious a red herring. On the other hand, Irena's sabotage of her co-pilot's console was inspired; obviously, in the circuit-breaker-deprived universe in which Star Trek takes place, no one would consider that to be unusual or suspicious...

GIFT HORSE OF THE WEEK: How trusting of Larry and Curly to install alien technology on the Delta Flyer without inspecting it; you'd think that leaking so-a-so particles would be pretty easy to detect. And while I'm on the subject, the timing of Irena's plan seems a little suspicious. Her sabotage consisted of allowing particles to accumulate in the Flyer's engines until they caused the core to blow up. But there was no timing mechanism, and in any case no way for her to know how long the Flyer would take to reach the finish line, particularly since there was an extended "caution period." So, based on what we were told about this nefarious plan, the idea that the Flyer would have blown up on cue upon reaching the finish line is pure hokum.

For the full review, follow the link to the Cynic's Corner.

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