Digitized 'Broken Bow' Footage Online

By Caillan
September 22, 2001 - 3:19 PM

'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures

You may not have been able to attend Thursday night's premiere screening of 'Broken Bow,' but don't despair, because ten minutes of footage from the episode was posted online yesterday.

Zap2It has made available seven clips from the episode on its website. The scenes are varied, and include extended dialogue between all seven Enterprise characters, as well as many of the episode's guest stars.

These clips are all from the completed episode, and include the musical score and completed special effects. These effects not only showcase the Suliban's ability to morph into any shape they desire, but also an exterior shot of the new Enterprise.

All the footage is available in both Real Player and Windows Media format. For those of you with limited bandwidth, here are transcripts of the clips:


'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures
[The bridge. Mayweather is sitting at the helm in the foreground, T'Pol is at her science station at the rear. Archer is pacing.]
Archer: "We've got state of the art sensors. Why they hell didn't we detect them?"
[Archer stops in front of the helm and looks at Mayweather.]
Mayweather: "Mister Reed thought he detected something right before we lost power."
[Archer walks over to Reed's console. Tucker is standing behind him.]
Reed: "Starboard sensor logs recorded a spatial disturbance."
Tucker: "It looks more like a glitch."
[Angle on Sato, sitting at here station.]
Sato: "Those weren't glitches in sickbay."
[The camera pans back to Archer.]
Archer: "I want a complete analysis of that disturbance."
[Tucker nods and walks off. Archer turns back to Reed.]
Archer: "Where do we stand on weapons?"
Reed: "I still have to tune the targeting scanners."
[Angle on Archer.]
Archer: "What are you waiting for?"
[Reed gets up and leaves his station.]
[Close-up of T'Pol.] 'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures
T'Pol: "Captain..."
[Archer ignores her and walks across the bridge.]
Archer: "The Klingon seemed to know who they were. See if you can
translate what he said."
[Sato nods and leaves her console.]
Sato: "Right away."
[Archer leans over the helm, but is moves towards T'Pol when she
T'Pol: "Captain, there's no way you could have anticipated this. I'm sure Ambassador Soval will understand."
[Angle on Archer.]
Archer: "You're the science officer. Why don't you help Trip with that analysis?"
[Archer turns back towards the helm.]
T'Pol: "The astrometric computer in San Francisco will be far more effective."
[Archer, leaning over the helm. T'Pol is in the background."
Archer: "We're not going to San Francisco. So make do with what we've got here."
T'Pol: "You've lost the Klingon. Your mission is over."
[Archer turns back to face T'Pol. He is angry.]
Archer: "I didn't lose the Klingon. He was taken. And I'm going to find out who took him."
[Close-up of T'Pol.]
T'Pol: "And how do you plan to do that? Space is very big, Captain."
[Angle on Archer, looking irritated.]
[Close-up of T'Pol.]
T'Pol: "A shadow on your sensors won't help you find him. This is a foolish mission."
[Angle on Archer. He sighs and turns.]
Archer: "Come with me."
[Close-up of T'Pol, looking very Vulcan.]
[Archer enters his ready room. T'Pol follows.]
Archer: "I'm not interested in what you think about this mission. So take your Vulcan cynicism and bury it, along with your repressed emotions."
[T'Pol stands stoically.]


'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Klaang, a Klingon runs through a cornfield. He bursts out of the corn into a clearing and runs towards a grain silo. Reaching the entrance, he looks around quickly before opening the door and darting inside.]
[Farmer Moore comes out of his house, carrying some sort of long-barrelled energy weapon. He looks around, then activates the gun.]
[Two Suliban run out of the cornfield and dash towards the silo.]
[High Angle: the Suliban run around the edges of the silo until the reach the entrance.]
[One Suliban gives his weapon to the other, before crouching down and putting his arms under the door.]
[The Suliban's head compresses. He turns it sideways and slides it under the door.]
[Outside. The Suliban's legs slide under the door, as his counterpart waits.]
[The Suliban opens the door from the inside and they both enter.]
[A hatch high up the silo opens, and Klaang leaps out onto the roof of a shed below and then onto the ground. He gets up and runs to the edge of the cornfield.]
[Klaang reaches for his disruptor, which he aims at the silo.]
[Medium shot of the weapon's discharge hitting the silo.]
[Long shot of the silo exploding.]
[Klaang is thrown forward by the force of the explosion.]
[A long shot of the fireball. Debris flies everywhere.]
[Klaang gets up.] 'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Farmer Moore comes running with his weapon. He stops, aghast at the sight of his silo turned into ash and debris. Turning, he aims his gun at Klaang.]
Farmer Moore: "Drop your weapon. I mean it."
[Close-up of Klaang.]
Klaang: "[Unintelligible Klingon]"
[Angle on Farmer Moore, worried and anxious.]
Farmer Moore: "I don't understand a word you're saying, but I guarantee I know how to use this."
[Close-up of Klaang, speaking.]
Klaang: "[Unintelligible Klingon]"
[Klaang moves towards the Farmer.]
[The Farmer fires, and Klaang is propelled backwards into the corn.]
[Close-up of Klaang, lying in the corn.]
[Farmer Moore looks shocked and stunned.]
[Fade out.]


'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Close-up of Archer, in civvies. Admiral Forrest is standing in the background. He moves forward as he speaks.]
Forrest: "This gentleman is some sort of courier. Evidently he was carrying crucial information back to his people."
[Angle on Ambassador Soval.]
Soval: "When he was nearly killed by your farmer."
[Forrest speaks. Archer is in the foreground.]
Forrest: "Ambassador Soval thinks it would be best if we push off your launch until we've cleared this up."
[Archer turns round to face Forrest.]
Archer: "Well isn't that a surprise. You think they would have come up with something a little more imaginative this time."
[Close-up on Soval.]
Soval: "Sarcasm aside Captain, the last thing your people need is to make an enemy of the Klingon empire."
[Angle on Tos, with T'Pol in the background.]
Tos: "If we hadn't convinced them to let us take Klaang's corpse back to Qo'noS..."
[Archer reacts skeptically.]
[Shot of all three Vulcans standing impassively.]
Tos: "...Earth would most likely be facing a squadron of warbirds by the end of the week."
[Angle on Archer.]
Archer: "Corpse? Is he dead?"
[Archer rushes out of the room, and opens the door to the medical bay. He walks into the bay, where Klaang is lying on a medical bed.]
Archer: "Excuse me, is this man dead?"
[Phlox is standing in the bay, together with other medical staff.]
Phlox: "His autonomic system was distrupted by the blast and his redundant neural function..."
[Angle on Archer, who interrupts Phlox.]
Archer: "Is he going to die?"
[Close-up of Phlox.] 'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures
Phlox: "Not necessarily."
[Archer looks bemused, then exits the bay. He walks back into the room where the Vulcans and Forrest are standing.]
Archer: "Let me get this straight. You're going to disconnect this man from life support, even though he could live. Now where is the logic in that?"
[Soval walks to the front of the assembled dignitaries.]
Soval: "Klaang's culture finds honour in death. If they saw him like that, he'd be disgraced."
Tos: "They're a warrior race. They dream of dying in battle. If you understood the complexities of interstellar diplomacy..."
[Angle on Archer, facing the group.]
Archer: "So that's your diplomatic solution? To do what they tell you? Pull the plug?
[Close-up of Tos.]
Tos: "Your metaphor is crude, but accurate."
[Angle back on Archer.]
Archer: "We may be crude, but we're not murderers."
[Archer pushes through the Vulcans to confront Archer.]
Archer: "You're not going to let them do this are you?"
[Forrest hesitates.]
[Soval speaks.]
Soval: "The Klingons have demanded that we return Klaang immediately."
[Archer protests.]
Archer: "Admiral!"
[Forrest is reluctant to make a decision.]
Forrest: "We may need to defer to their judgement."
[Angle on Archer. He's angry.]
Archer: "We've been deferring to their judgement for a hundred years."
[Forrest tries to calm him.]
Forrest: "John..."
[Angle on Archer.]
Archer: "How much longer?"
[From behind Archer, T'Pol finally speaks.]
T'Pol: "Until you've proven you're ready."
[Archer turns to face her.]
Archer: "Ready for what?"
[Close-up of T'Pol.]
T'Pol: "Until you get rid of your provincial attitudes and your volatile nature."
[Archer moves towards T'Pol.]
Archer: "Volatile? You have no idea how much I'm restraining myself from knocking you on your ass."
[T'Pol raises an eyebrow.]


'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Engineering. A crewman is working on a raised walkway next to the warpcore. Tucker walks behind him and pats him on the shoulder. He looks at the warpcore, then reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a cloth which he wipes the core with. From below, we hear the voice of Reed.]
Reed: (off-screen) "I believe you missed a spot."
[Tucker laughs, turns around and looks down. Reed is standing with Mayweather.]
Reed: "Commander Tucker. Ensign Travis Mayweather. He just arrived."
[Angle on Tucker. He smiles and extends his hand.]
Tucker: "Our space boomer."
[Mayweather shakes Tucker's hand.]
Mayweather: "How fast have you gotten?"
[Close-up of Tucker.]
Tucker: "Warp four. We'll be going to four or five once we're past Jupiter. Think you can handle it?"
[Angle on Mayweather. He looks delighted.]
Mayweather: "Four point five?"
[Mayweather laughs with glee.]
[Close-up of Reed.]
Reed: "Pardon me, but if I don't go and realign the deflector, the first grain of space dust we come across will blow a hole in this ship the size of your fist."
[Angle on Tucker.]
Tucker: "Keep your shirt on Lieutenant."
[Reed doesn't look amused.]
Tucker: "Your equipment will be here in the morning."
[Reed looks over to Mayweather, who raises his eyebrow.]


'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures
[An outside classroom, set in a tropical forest. Hoshi Sato is teaching a group of students.]
Sato: "Nu glit tuck ni glit."
[The students repeat it after her.]
Sato: "Nu glit tuck ni glit."
[Sato walks towards her board and addresses a student.]
Sato: "Carlos. Nu drinki currrr."
[Carlos tries to say it.]
Carlos: "Nu drinki curr."
[Angle on Sato, repeating it again.]
Sato: "Currr."
Carlos: "Currr."
[She accentuates the last symbol, then motions for him to try again.]
Sato: "Tighten the back of your tongue."
[Close-up of Carlos.]
Carlos: "Currr."
[Archer can be seen in the background, however.]
Carlos: (off-screen) "Currr. Currr."
[Angle on Sato. She pauses.]
Sato: "Keep trying, you've almost got it. I'll be right back."
[She goes off to speak to Archer.]
[Archer and Sato are strolling down a path.]
Sato: "Just two more weeks before exams. It's impossible for me to leave now."
Archer: "You've got to have someone who can cover for you."
Sato: "If anyone else can do what I do, you wouldn't be so eager to have me on your spaceship."
Archer: "Hoshi."
[Sato extends her arm.]
Sato: "I'm sorry Captain, I owe it to these kids."
[They stop walking.]
Archer: "I could order you."
Sato: "I'm on leave from Starfleet, remember? You would have to forcibly recall me which would require a formal reprimand, which would disqualify me from serving on an active vessel."
[Angle on Archer.] 'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures
Archer: "I need someone with your ear."
[Close-up on Sato.]
Sato: "And you'll have her. In three weeks."
[Archer looks around, and pulls out a recorder. He presses a button and a Klingon voice speaks.]
[Sato is instantly curious.]
Sato: "What's that?"
[Angle on Archer, looking slightly smug.]
Archer: "Klingon. Ambassador Soval gave me a sampling of their linguistic database."
[Angle on Sato.]
Sato: "I thought you said the Vulcans were opposed to this."
Archer: "They are."
[Close-up of Archer.]
Archer: "But we agreed to make a few comprimises."
[Close-up of Sato, listening intently to the Klingon sounds.]
Sato: "What do you know about these Klingons?"
[Angle on Archer.]
Archer: "Not much. An empire of warriors. With eighty polyguttural dialects constructed on an adaptive syntax."
[Sato is almost sold.]
Sato: "Turn it up."
[Archer flicks the switch, then hands the recorder to her.]
[Angle on Archer.]
Archer: "Think of it. You'd be the first human to talk to these people. You really want someone else to do it?"
[Sato looks back at Archer.]


'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures
[A Zero-g room. Tucker doubles over and hits the ceiling, where Mayweather is sitting, upside down.]
Mayweather: "It takes practice."
[Tucker turns over to sit and face Mayweather. They are both upside down.]
Mayweather: "You ever slept in zero-g?"
[Tucker is still adjusting himself.]
Tucker: "Slept?"
Mayweather: "It's just like being back in the womb.]
[Close-up of Tucker. He looks around in trepidation, before turning back to Mayweather.]
Tucker: "The Captain tells me you've been to Trillius Prime."
[Close-up of Mayweather.]
Mayweather: "It took fourth, fifth and sixth grades to get there. I've also been to Dralax nd both the Tenebian moons."
[Angle on Tucker.]
Tucker: "I've only been to one inhabited planet besides Earth. Nothing there but dustwell and ticks."
[Mayweather smiles.]
[Angle on Tucker.]
Tucker: "I've heard the women on Dralax have..."
[Mayweather nods, and interrupts.]
Mayweather: "Three. It's true."
[Close-up of Tucker.]
Tucker: "You know that first hand?"
[Mayweather smiles again.]
Mayweather: "First hand. Second hand. Third hand."
[Angle on Tucker.]
Tucker: "I guess growing up a boomer has its advantages."
[The two men sit on the ceiling, laughing.]


'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Sickbay. Archer moves over to the wall and presses a communications panel.]
Archer: "Bridge, report."
T'Pol: (voice-over) "We've dropped out of warp, sir. Main power is..."
[T'Pol is cut off as the lights flicker and then go dead.]
[The camera pans across the bridge as systems shut down. Mayweather is at the helm, T'Pol in the command chair. Reed is at his station.]
Reed: "I think I just saw something off the starboard bow."
[Angle on T'Pol.]
T'Pol: "What?"
[Close-up of Reed.]
Reed: "I don't know. It might have just been the sensors going down."
[Exterior shot of the ship as all the lights turn off.]
[Suliban crawl through one of the ship's corridors.]
[In sickbay, Archer turns on a small torch. Phlox is standing next to him, as is Sato. Klaang is ranting in Klingon.]
[A crewman shines his torch.]
Archer: "Auxiliary power should have kicked in by now."
[Archer moves over to Klaang, who is still shouting louding in Klingon.]
Archer: (to Sato) "Do you want to tell him to shut up?"
[Angle on Sato. She shouts.]
Sato: "SHUT UP!"
[Close-up of the Klingon as he continues ranting.]
[Archer looks around furtively.]
Archer: "You may have to sedate him. I need to get to the bridge."
[Sato shines her light on a ladder. For a moment, it seems like something just shot by.]
Sato: "Captain..." 'Broken Bow' photo - courtesy Zap2it, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Archer turns around from the doors.]
[Sato is looking around with her torch.]
Sato: "I saw him here."
[Archer moves forward to join Sato. They shine their torches all over sickbay.]
[Archer moves forward slowly. The crewman shines his torch at the ceiling.]
[Archer shines his torch up the ladder. Scratching noises can be heard.]
[Sato turns and shines her torch over the other side.]
[Archer moves forward slowly.]
[Angle on Phlox, shining his torch.]
[Archer moves slowly across the room.]
[Close-up of Sato, looking concerned.]
[Archer shines his torch on the ceiling, illuminating a Suliban scurrying around.]
Archer: "Crewman!"
[The crewman fires at the Suliban, but misses.]
[Close-up of Klaang.]
Klaang: "Suliban."

All seven clips can be downloaded here at Zap2it. Thanks to John for this!

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