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First 'Unexpected' Dialogue

By Christian
September 22, 2001 - 3:17 PM

'Unexpected' behind-the-scenes video - copyright Zap2It.com Paramount Pictures recently allowed video cameras to be present during the filming of Enterprise episode 'Unexpected,' giving web viewers a first look at scenes from this upcoming comedy episode.

As previously reported, in 'Unexpected' the crew discover an alien ship hiding in the Enterprise's exhaust wake, trying to recharge their engines. Engineer Tucker goes over to help them repair their ship, but unwittingly becomes pregnant in the process! When the Enterprise tries to find the alien ship again, they find it hiding in the slipstream of a Klingon ship, with a captain who is not at all receptive to Archer. It's only when T'Pol helps Archer resolve the situation that the Klingons agree to leave the aliens unharmed, but only if they agree to trade some primitive holo-technology.

All of these plot elements appeared in six new behind-the-scenes clips available now at Zap2It, showing the Enterprise cast and crew filming those scenes from 'Unexpected' that take place on the bridge. Several scenes were shown multiple times, in early rehearsal and final shooting versions, with some differences in dialogue appearing between the various versions. Despite that, below is a pieced-together transcript of seven distinct scenes appearing in these clips:

  • Scene One: In what is likely the first scene shown in the clips, the crew discover they've encountered a Klingon vessel.

    Reed: "If the starship profiles the Vulcans gave us are correct..."
    T'Pol: "They are correct, lieutenant. That's a Klingon battlecruiser."
    Archer: "Pfff."

  • 'Unexpected' behind-the-scenes video - copyright Zap2It.comScene Two: Captain Archer enters the bridge, followed by Tucker, dressed in civilian clothing.

    Archer: "What have you got?"
    T'Pol: "We're approaching the coordinates. I've analysed the stealth telemetry. I believe it's them."
    Archer: "Drop down to impulse. Open a channel. This is Captain Archer of the Starship Enterprise."
    Archer: "We respectfully would like to ask for your assistance with a little problem we're having."
    Reed: "Sir! They've launched a weapon!"
    Archer: "Polarise the hull plating."
    [On the viewscreen, they see a torpedo approaching the ship.]
    Archer: "Grab hold of something."
    [The impact shakes the ship, sparks fly.]
    Archer: "And another one!"
    [Another impact.]
    Archer: "Why are they attacking us?"
    T'Pol: "They are not. If they had wanted to destroy Enterprise, they would have done it."
    Archer: "That's their version of warning shots across our bow?"
    Reed: "Sir, I highly recommend that we aren't the recipient of another warning like that one."
    Mayweather: "Should I lay in a new course?"

  • Scene Three: Archer addresses a Klingon on the viewscreen.

    Archer: "Please accept our apology. But I need to ask you a question."
    Klingon: "And what would that be?"
    Archer: "Have you been experiencing any unusual malfunctions? Problems with your gravity plating, propulsion, environmental controls?"

  • Scene Four: In a scene that likely takes place only a very short while after the previous clip, Archer explains that his ship suffered from the same malfunctions.

    Archer: "No, we have not, I promise you. But we experienced the same difficulties a few days ago. The problem is coming from a small stealth vessel that is riding in your wake. They are using your plasma exhaust to fuel their warp coils."
    Klingon: "Find this vessel."
    Archer: "Wait a minute, wait a minute. They are harmless. We need them.

  • Scene Five: Again, this may be a continuation of the previous scene.

    Archer: "If they did anything to hurt your ship, believe me, it was unintentional. They're simply trying to get home."
    Klingon: "They won't get home, but I'm more than willing to hasten their journey to Sto-Vo-Kor."
    Archer (to the side): "Sto-Vo-Kor?"
    Archer: "You really don't need to hurt these people. They're actually very kind. They've just had some bad luck with their engines. When we confronted them they complied with all our requests."
    Klingon: "You're wasting my time!"

  • 'Unexpected' behind-the-scenes video - copyright Zap2It.comScene Six: Tucker, still in civilian clothing, talks to the Klingons about the aliens' technology.

    Tucker: "I'm the one who repaired their warp reactor. Or at least, I thought I did. I spent three days on their ship. They've got some amazing technology. If you don't kill them, I'm sure they'd share it with you, teach you what they know."
    Klingon: "What kind of technology?"
    Tucker: "Well, for one, they've got some incredible holography. I don't know how advanced Klingon holograms are, but these are like nothing I ever saw before. Press a few buttons and you'll be standing on a hillside overlooking Qo'noS. It's unbelievable."
    Klingon: "Their vessel is in our cargo bay. Select a warrior, have him meet me there."
    Archer: "There's another problem. Commander Tucker has some unfinished business with the [Cyrillians?]"
    Klingon: "I'm not interested in your engineer's business."

  • Scene Seven: Only two short speeches by T'Pol, likely belonging together, were included of this scene.

    T'Pol: "Captain Archer has been in the High Council Chamber on Qo'noS. The Chancellor himself called him a man of honour, a brother."
    T'Pol: "Without Klaang, your Houses would be at war with each other. Captain Archer is the man that carried out that rescue. You are in his debt. You would be demonstrating both honour and wisdom to grant his request."

The actual clips can now be downloaded in both low- and high-bandwidth RealVideo and Windows Media versions from Zap2It. They offer an interesting insight in the actual production process of an episode, including the crew yelling 'boom' to indicate the ship is being hit and some of the cast members having difficulties with the technical terms. In order to download the clips, please follow this link.

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