Starship Enterprise Could Come Back To Earth

By Christian
September 22, 2001 - 3:16 PM

While the Enterprises in the other Star Trek series were on ongoing missions to explore strange new worlds, Series V star Scott Bakula recently revealed his own Starship Enterprise would likely be returning back home more often.

"In the pilot, we're given an opportunity to finally go out into space to return someone who ended up on Earth who wasn't supposed to be there," Bakula explained to Zap2It. "The notion is hat we're just heading out to do this one mission. And [while] that evolves and we [...] end up staying out there, it has a much more temporary feel to it. There's not a big five-year plan or seven-year mission that we start out with. The whole thing has a much more improvised feel, so we don't know. We don't come back [to Earth] at the end of each hour, but I don't think there's anything that's going to keep us from coming back to Earth if needed."

The actor said this new feel was exactly what had attracted him to the show in the first place. "We're the first people going out at this warp level, so we can really go places quickly. It's the Wild West - we're the pioneers, it's the Right Stuff, it's all those things that I think make it really exciting. Instead of 'Oh, another week, another planet, another species,' we're dealing with a ship that doesn't work a 100% all of the time. We're discovering what it's like to be bored in space, what it's like to be afraid, to have things not be what we had anticipated them to be."

Bakula expected the fans to be attracted to these feelings as well. "There's a reality about this series that's going to grab the fans," he said. "It's only a 150 years from today, and we can almost get our heads around what [that] is going to be like, as opposed to 300 or 400 years from now. The idea of tying [the show] to more of today, [with] the suits and everything that is just a little bit more from today, that makes it seem like a possibility. And [then] you just do the next logical avenue, which is 'well, what would that reality be like? What if I really was the first captain and we were going out there for the first time and we didn't know what was around the next corner?'"

The Enterprise star made his remarks to Zap2It in a new set of video interviews that can now be downloaded from the site as both low- and high-bandwidth RealPlayer and Windows Media files. The interview was apparently taped on the set of Enterprise, as they feature Bakula wearing Captain Archer's uniform.

In addition to these on-set publicity activities, Bakula was originally also scheduled to fly to New York to appear on several shows on Monday. However, after the recent terrorist plane hijacks that trip has apparently been postponed. As a result, his appearances on the the Early Show, Live with Regis and Kelly and The Daily Show will be rescheduled to a later date. His October appearances on the Late Late Show and The View are apparently still on.

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