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Shatner '48 Hours' Clip Online

By Christian
September 22, 2000 - 11:31 PM

Recently, William Shatner (James T. Kirk) appeared in an edition of the CBS show '48 Hours', in a segment on, the airline ticket company he is a spokesman for. In the item, dealing with growing customer dissatisfaction with the service, Shatner appears twice, as you can read from the below transcript:

(Near the beginning)

Erin Moriarty:When people see you, they think of Captain Kirk. Do they now also connect you with

William Shatner: Well, they start laughing when they see me now. It's the funniest thing, yeah.

(Approximately a minute before the end)

Erin Moriarty (voice-over): The company refused our repeated requests to interview its founder, Jay Walker, or any other executive. But one person would speak with us. William Shatner is not just a spokesperson for PriceLine, he is a major shareholder. We caught up with him at a recent book signing.

EM: Have you heard of any kind of growing dissatisfaction with

WS: I am aware that there are people who weren't satisfied with the service, and I'm also aware that PriceLine is trying to deal with that.

EM: What I hear from people is that there is some pretty rude customer service fellows.

WS: That's terrible. That's the anti-thesis of what the company wants to do.

EM (voice-over): If Shatner seems a bit surprised by the problems, there's a good reason for that.

EM: Have you actually gotten a ticket on, by yourself?

WS: No, I haven't, because I have to fly - I think of myself having to fly first-class.

Matthew Klaehn at has digitised the full nine-minute segment, which you can download from MediaTrek's Trek in the Media page as a 10.2MB Real G2 file, with Shatner appearing in about a minute of the clip.

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