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Ordover and Shatner Interviews

By Amy
September 22, 2000 - 6:01 AM

The Trekker Newsletter has recently posted a short interview with Pocket Books Star Trek Editor, John Ordover, where they talk briefly about John does and some of the upcoming Star Trek novels.

BW: What exactly do you do at Pocket Books?

JO: I develop and edit the majority of the Star Trek fiction line; I also edit fantasy novels, thriller novels, horror novels, and will wash cars remarkably cheap.

BW: What upcoming Star Trek books are in the process of being released?

JO: Right now, we have out the first two books of the Star Trek: New Frontier Excalibur Trilogy, with the hardcover finale coming in late October/Early November, and just hitting the stands this week are two new Rihannsu books by Diane Duane. Also out right now is the TNG novel THE GENESIS WAVE, which is a killer book.

The full interview, of course, can be found here at The Trekker Newsletter.

Over at TrekWeb, they've also recently posted a transcript of an interview with William Shatner (James T. Kirk) that originally appeared in the final issue of Penthouse Comix, an adult comic magazine. In it Shatner talks about Kirk's death and some of the myths surrounding 'Star Trek: V'

PCX : Where you upset about the way they killed Captain Kirk off ?

WS : Well, I was upset that Kirk was killed....getting off never upset me ! (Laughs) In retrospect, I suppose I should have asked for more nobility in the death, fallen in my sword in way. But, what was told to me, and then written, was that the bad guy [Soran] would shoot him in the back… he dies...and Captain Picard would be there.

PCX : There are lots of rumors and myths about Star Trek V. The studio robbed you of the money needed to make the special effects fancier and bigger -

WS : Star Trek V had a great concept, that Star Trek goes search of God. They were going along with that, everyone saying 'oh. good idea !'. I was going to do going down into hell and doing a whole descent into hell thing. By extension, if there was a devil that we [Kirk, Spock and McCoy] would have fought, there was going to be a God. That was my premise, that I started with. Then partially through the writing, somebody....the studio, said that we would alienate people - it can't be God.

The full interview, again, can be found here at TrekWeb.

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