'Enterprise' Fifth Episode Takes Off At 'Impulse'

By Michelle
August 22, 2003 - 9:37 PM

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Enterprise's fifth episode this season, entitled "Impulse", will feature zombie-like Vulcans and horror movie imagery.

New reports at Psi Phi and the official Star Trek site reveal plot details and credits for the October 8 episode, in which Enterprise picks up a distress call from a Vulcan ship stranded in the Delphic Expanse.

According to StarTrek.com, the sets have been designed to reflect the horror of the situation: "metal debris strewn about, broken conduits, tangled circuitry", as well as walls spattered with green blood.

The shoot took eight and a half days, requiring extensive makeup for the insane Vulcans. "Seven stunt people, along with a few extras, were dressed in tattered Vulcan uniforms...and were made up to look pretty scary — gaunt cheekbones, sunken eyes, pale skin and lesions," noted the StarTrek.com report.

The item added that Jolene Blalock's character, T'Pol, gradually succumbs to the zombie effect, requiring additional makeup for Blalock as well.

The B-storyline concerns Tucker and Mayweather attempting to drill a rare substance from an asteroid that may help protect Enterprise within the Expanse.

Thus far the guest cast for the show lists only Sean McGowan as Hawkins, one of the MACO soldiers, who also appears in "Anomaly", this season's second scheduled episode.

"Impulse" is the first episode by Enterprise's story editor Jonathan Fernandez, from a story by Fernandez and production associate Terry Matalas. The installment is helmed by veteran Trek director David Livingston.

Psi Phi also reports that the episode "Rajiin" has apparently changed its name to "Raijin".

Psi Phi's original listing for "Impulse" may be found here, while StarTrek.com's more extensive coverage is here.

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