Shatner Moves Past Captain Kirk

By Michelle
August 21, 2003 - 11:55 PM

"There is probably not a big chance that Kirk will appear in any future Star Trek projects," said William Shatner in answer to a question from a fan.

In part one of an extensive Q&A on his official web site, Shatner stated that he doesn't believe it would be possible for Captain Kirk to return to Trek in its current incarnation.

"I think perhaps the producers missed the essentials of Star Trek Ė that is, the colorful characters in conflict with each other and the outer world," he said. "There was some talk of me being a guest on Enterprise but I havenít heard anything about it since then."

Asked where he saw Kirk now, Shatner joked, "I would like to see Jim Kirk in heaven with little angels tucked under his arm. Old Jim trying to make out with an angel. Now thatís a story."

The actor named Red Buttons as his favourite comedy performer, Alexander the Great as his favourite historical person, Spider-Man as his favourite cartoon character and the Oakland Raiders as his favourite football team.

Asked whether he preferred to act or direct, Shatner replied, "When Iím behind the camera, I yearn to be in front and when Iím in front, I yearn to say, 'action!'" Of his past roles, he said, "Itís rare that I am embarrassed about anything Iíve played. On the other hand, itís rare that Iím totally satisfied with what I do."

Summarizing what he felt was Star Trek's most important message, the actor asserted, "Donít interfere in other peopleís lives or think that yours is the shining example of the way things are supposed to be."

As to whether he thinks there's still hope for mankind, Shatner said, "Man has an indomitable spirit; unfortunately, the flesh is weak. With a certain amount of toxicity running rampant through us, itís possibly that we are now in our death throes. But letís not forget about the indomitable spirit Ė it counts for a lot."

And if he could be any Star Wars character, he would want to be Yoda: "Itís all a voice-over. No make-up and good hours."

For more, including Shatner's feelings about tabloids, horses, his love for the seashore and why he doesn't want to fly on the space shuttle, see the Q&A here.

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