Enterprise On UK TV In 'Early 2002'

By Lisa
August 22, 2001 - 3:15 PM

The latest Star Trek series will debut on U.S. television in barely a month's time, but British viewers won't have to wait much longer before satellite and cable channel Sky One shows Enterprise.

According to a report on TrekZone, the 'Backchat' section of Sky's digital service reported that the series will debut in "early 2002." A listing on the same page showed the new season of fellow UPN show Buffy the Vampire Slayer will also begin at the same time.

This series of Buffy has previously been confirmed for an early January debut; leading to speculation that Enterprise will begin at around the same time. This would follow the pattern set by Sky One last year, when they interrupted the first season of Andromeda in order to show the final season of Voyager. Meanwhile, a Sky One representative commented that the channel didn't "have any ideas on dates [for Enterprise] just yet."

As reported earlier this month, Sky One announced that it would be the first UK broadcaster to show the new Trek series by showing an Enterprise promo after the airing of 'Endgame.' This promo said that the show would be "Coming Soon" to the channel.

The channel is very pleased to have Enterprise as part of its new lineup. "The Star Trek franchise continues to prove immensely popular with UK viewers," said the Deputy Director of Broadcast and Production at Sky Television. "And we are delighted that the latest instalment's first UK showing will be on Sky One – its rightful home."

The original report into Sky airing the series in 2002 can be found here at TrekZone.

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