'Deep Core' DVD Released This Tuesday

By Lisa
June 22, 2001 - 4:04 PM

A big action movie with several Trek connections will be out to buy on DVD next week. Deep Core brought together actors from Deep Space Nine the Next Generation and Voyager.

Starring Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax) as scientist Allison Saunders and Will Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) as Rodney Bedecker, the movie follows a high-teach attempt to reach the world’s largest oil reserve; an eighty billion barrel reservoir one hundred miles beneath the Mid-Oceanic Ridge. Something goes terribly wrong and the resulting explosion unleashes a tsunami that slams into the tropical island of Koniki destroying it completely. The movie also features Bruce McGill, who made an appearance as Captain Braxton in the fifth season Voyager episode 'Relativity.'

"Deep Core was a TON of fun. Terry totally rocks," Wheaton told fans at the now-defunct Star Trek Central shortly after filming completed. "In the movie, we are in this vehicle that is drilling us to the centre of the earth - (hey, we all have to pay bills, you know) And we hit something in the earth, and the vehicle starts shaking, right? So Terry and I look to each other, and say 'This should be... what? about a 4, you think?' referring to the scale of shakes that we learned on Trek. The other actors had no idea what we were talking about, and we had to teach them how to shake."

The movie was not well received by critics. "The lack of special effects and the foiling of the disaster in the end just makes for another jump-on-the-bandwagon bad disaster movie.," said one online reviewer. At the Internet Movie Database, the movie has only managed to achieve a four out of ten star rating.

The movie is available to pre-order on DVD from Amazon now, by following this link.

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