'Klingon Academy' Now Available In Stores

By Christian
June 22, 2000 - 11:50 PM

As reports from a number of people have already confirmed, 'Klingon Academy' has started showing up on store shelves throughout the United States, while the new space simulator is now also available from Amazon. Below is the official press release Interplay has made available:

Star Trek: Klingon Academy Attacks Retail! (The Long Awaited Space-Combat Sim Is in Stores Now)

IRVINE, Calif., June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- 14 Degrees East, a division of Interplay Entertainment Corp. announced today that Star Trek®: Klingon Academy(TM), its highly anticipated space-combat simulator, is now available at retail stores. Star Trek: Klingon Academy places cadets under the command of General Chang, the greatest living warrior in the Klingon Empire. Cadets will take the helm of numerous capital warships of original design. Boasting rich graphics, new weapon systems, tactically diverse environments and interactive space terrain, Star Trek: Klingon Academy is available for Windows® 95/98.

The story of Star Trek: Klingon Academy is portrayed solely from the Klingon perspective. As Torlek, a young Klingon warrior inducted into the prestigious Klingon Defense Force's Elite Command Academy, the player is instructed by General Chang, one of the most esteemed warriors in Klingon history. The Elite Command Academy's curriculum includes learning the code of the honorable warrior, battle tactics and the rigors of warship command.

The foundation of the Klingon Academy's lessons lies in a full scale simulated war with the United Federation of Planets and, after successful completion of the Academy's term, recruitment to fight with General Chang in an even greater, real-life conflict. Typical battle consists of large-scale engagements including entire fleets of capital-size ships from among the six distinct races. Over forty of these ships are exclusive to Star Trek: Klingon Academy, and are brand-new to the Star Trek universe. The new weapon systems require specialized tactics to successfully employ or counter within any given battle situation. These systems include an Antimatter Field Projector Device and the Tractor Beam Resonator Cannon.

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