Foundation Imaging Working On ST:TMP DVD

By Christian
June 22, 2000 - 11:35 PM

Kevin Martin, staff writer at Cinefex Magazine, sends along word of a recent press release sent out by Foundation Imaging, one of the companies responsible for many of Star Trek's computer-generated effects.

In the press release, Foundation said that "recent projects include the enhancement of the visual effects in 1979's STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE for its 'special edition' release on DVD later this year."

Rumours have been going on for a while about the special edition ST: TMP release ever since a Paramount representative said in April that it was "a very big project" and that there would be "a lot of extras on the disc". (story). A lot of extra material does indeed exist for the film, but as much of this consists of material with unfinished visual effects it would be difficult to include it on the DVD without extensive work - perhaps that is what Foundation is working on. The same is true for a possible widescreen version, which would also require extensive work to touch up the parts of the film not seen in the regular-sized version. A bit more on this can be read in this article at the Digital Bits, published in late April.

Thanks go out to Kevin Martin for sending this in!

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