Charmed Technology VP Talks Trek

By Christian
June 22, 2000 - 10:33 PM

Just over two weeks ago, the Australian newspaper the Daily Telegraph reported about an electronics expo in Sydney, which was also attended by Katrina Barillova of Charmed Technology, a company working on wearable computer devices (story). According to the paper, Barillova apparently said the following at the expo: "Star Trek contacted us and asked us to design the devices for their next show because we are so futuristic. They said our devices are making their show, which is 400 years in the future, look obsolete."

Following this report, I emailed Ms Barillova to ask if she was indeed working with Paramount to design props for Series V, and if this '400 years in the future' figure meant she had received information from the studio this is when the new series would take place. Today I received the following response, which should clarify things a bit:

"Charmed team's inspiration is definitely based on Star Trek among many other sci-fi. What I said is that Star Trek creators were interested in our vision because it differs significantly from theirs. Their vision is that we'll resemble robots more and more but we think quite opposite. We believe that we'll be seeing less and less 'technology' because it will resemble every day objects and fashion accessories and clothes themselves will have different functionalities.

"As far as the '400 years from the future', our Charmed communicator and the Charmed badge will be able to do what the Star Trek communicator does. We even put in a bid to Star Trek to licence the communicator.

"And yes, we are very active in the entertainment industry, some of our devices will be used in several upcoming movies, as well as featured in performances of singers and music groups. I can't disclose more information about Star Trek yet, our involvement and who we are dealing with, but it would be more than exciting to work with the creative team of this new series."

It would seem that, at least for now, Charmed hasn't yet firmly been asked to do design work on the next show, but that maybe some of the Star Trek creators met with the company to discuss new technology. If this is the case, this wouldn't be the first time this has happened, as already for the Original Series the creators had contact with organisations such as NASA and, if I recall correctly, Lockheed Martin.

More on Charmed and their products can be found on their official web site, which actually got a complete redesign since the original report on this two weeks ago.

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